This happens occasionally when you hang around the Everything New Nodes list often enough.

The miracle of birth happens when you witness an everything newbie create an eponymous Home Node. This is usually followed by their first few foundling nodes. Eventually these young denizens of the Everything Nodesphere will discover what it means to be a Good Everything Citizen. Unfortunately, one day they will also discover what an M-Noder is, and then they will go insane.

A new, struggling noder needs to be supported and encouraged, not off-handedly thrust out of consideration. Here are a few things you (and I) can do to try and keep their next node from being more problematic than their first:

  • Wait -- before voting them down. Give them a chance to learn and improve their work before smacking them with an XP penalty right off the bat. Positive reinforcement always works better than negative, and you can't upvote them later if you downvote them now.
  • Blab! -- Send them a /msg suggesting what they could/should have done differently in this writeup, or their next. Be polite -- newcomers will generalize an opinion about the entire E2 community based on the first few people they talk to.

/me hereby promises to try to remember his own advice.

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