An extremely disturbing and hilarious series of "stories for children", written and illustrated by one Angus Oblong. Along much the same lines as The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories, but better, IMHO. I think the best recommendation for this book comes from its entry under the worst children's book ever...

But it looks like a children's book--if it is a satire, there is no hint other than the content. The title story is about a gothic witch-like little girl (who floats, doesn't walk). She is an outcast, of course. She has a crush on another boy, and "her vagina tingles" every time she sees him. To decide what to do, she goes to the graveyard and digs up her skeletal grandmother. In the end, she ends up murdering the guy. Then there's the story about the narcoleptic dog that gets buried alive by its owners. The End. And then there's the story about the girl with the cracked up mom, who goes around getting progressively crazier, (not to mention grotesquely illustrated, half-naked with a bottle popped over one breast, for instance.) Anyway, the daughter eventually realizes her mom isn't right and worries that she will grow up to be like her. And she did. The End. That's just three of the stories.
- blaaf

The book is of course satire. (The about the author section states: "Besides this series of dark & twisted tales in the guise of children's books, he also writes & illustrates children's books meant for children.")

All in all, heartily recommended.

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