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Every registered user of Everything2 gets their own home node. It's a completely separate node that only you can add stuff to. Many noders use their home node as a quick bio-- if someone reads one of your nodes and wants to know more about the person who wrote it, they can go to your home node and (hopefully) get some more info. You can list your e-mail address, you can talk about your favorite things, you can detail your beliefs and philosophy, you can list a bunch of your favorite nodes. Almost anything you want, you can put it here.

It also lists some information like which usergroups you belong to, and some optional personal details like your specialties and mission drive on Everything2.

To get to your home node

Click on your username in the Epicenter nodelet, or do a search for your username.

How do I edit my home node?

Click "edit homenode" in your Epicenter nodelet, or go to your homenode and click "edit user information".

You'll get taken to a page that lets you add or edit your information. You can change your password (if you change your password, log back in immediately with the new one), update your e-mail address, fill in the boxes for your Specialties, Company, Motto, and Mission Drive, and add your chosen flavor text. When you've added what you want to add, just click "Submit", and you're done!

I don't like my account name

While E2 does not promote username changes as a habit, you can contact a staff member and ask about changing your account name to something else. If the name that you would like to use is free, you can expect your request to be granted. If not, the staff member will decide whether to "liberate" an idle username based on current policy and on a case-by-case basis. Please do not ask for more than one such change unless you can come up with a good reason for a second one. If you made a really poor choice in the beginning--one so terrible that we recommend changing it--we'll give you a freebie.

What are "User Bookmarks"?

Everybody has a list of User Bookmarks. This is a list of nodes which you have chosen to bookmark, which appear as a list at the bottom of your home node.

They can be some of your favorite writeups - either your own or someone else's - or they can include important information about you (or about Everything or anything else) that you want to spotlight. Some noders list a bunch of bookmarks, some list only a few, some list none at all.

To bookmark a node, go there and then click the "bookmark!" link in your Epicenter nodelet.

To remove bookmarks, go to your "edit homenode" page.

How do I get a picture on my home node?

You must be level 1 or above for the smaller version and level 5 or above for the full-size image. See The Everything2 Voting/Experience System.

Images must be 80KiB or smaller (with a suggested width of 350 pixels), non-copyrighted and non-pornographic. It can be something you made yourself, a photo that you own, something that is public record, or something that you have permission to use.

Like everything else, pictures are added using the "edit homenode" page.

Can I view everybody's home node images?

Only using Google Image Search. Click here.

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