Note from anotherone: If you can't figure out how to use Blab!, go to writeup settings and click the button near the end that says "Default: Full". Writeups will have different stuff at the top now. If you want to send a message to N-Wing, for instance, type a message into the text box near his name on this writeup and then click the Blab! button.

A minor feature has been added; the blab! button is what most people notice first.

All logged in users now have an area to speak to the writeup author. See Blab On! for a bit more information.

Background: When you are level 3, you may use Writeup Settings to change what information you see about a writeup. For more information about this, see the older news article writeup header display settings.

Raw Info: Writeup Settings now has a new "code" you may use: sendmsg . (You can use this code by either using the "default: full" button, or typing it in yourself for custom placement.) This allows you to easily send the writeup's author a message about that writeup. (Note: this is not an anonymously sent message, the person you're sending the message to sees your message the same as any other message send via /msg .) The writeup's title is also automatically prepended to your message, so you needn't bother with a copy-n-paste sequence to let the author know which of their (hopefully many and in-depth) writeups you're talking about. You send the message by pressing the vote! button - actually, you may vote and send messages to multiple writeup authors at the same time.

How blab! Fits In: When there are no writeups to vote on, and you are at level 3, "blab!" is shown instead of "vote!" (you wouldn't be voting then, you would be blabbing). There is no functional difference, this is only changes the button's text.

Anonymous Writeup Author Note: this does not show who you sent the message(s) to, so if you prefer to not know writeup authors, they will remain anonymous to you.

(If you have problems or weirdness with this feature, send N-Wing a message. But remember: you must be level 3 to use the custom writeup display, and you must have the sendmsg code in your custom display setting to be able to send a message via the vote!/blab! button.)

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