Okay, just to be fair to all parties involved, Netscape is really two things, depending on where, and when, you are. History shall now be dispensed freely. The first of these is the one we all know about:

Netscape is shorthand for Netscape Communications Corporation, founded by Mr. Marc Andreessen, whose principle product is the web browser Navigator, and now a part of the AOL/Time-Warner death flotilla.

However, it was a different creature back in the day:

Netscape actually started out as the Product name, back when Netscape Communications was Mosaic Communications; it was Mosaic Netscape Navigator, though the last word was seldom used so it was just Mosaic Netscape.

This all changed, however, when Andreessen was threated with legal action by the NCSA. A few years prior, Marc has been on the development team that created the first widely known web browser, NCSA Mosaic. NCSA said that by using the name 'Mosaic' in their name, Mosaic Communications was misrepresenting themselves and sitting on a common trademark held my the NCSA. Rather then spend millions on legal bills (this was back when they had a hard time making payroll), they decided to compromise and altered the lineup slightly; Mosaic Communications became Netscape Communications and the Product changed from Netscape Navigator to just Navigator.

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