I want to be just like Jamie Zawinski when i grow up, and so should you. After all, he wrote Netscape for Unix, founded mozilla.org, had a cubicle covered with camo netting and an axe over the door, and has an apartment filled with morbid postmodern manequins all posed in strange configurations and painted in eerie finger paint.

Plus, he has a business card from mosaic that just says

"Jamie Zawinski

Sigh. He's much cooler then me.

The legendary Carnegie Mellon University dropout Jamie Zawinski was the 20th employee of Mosaic Communications and learned computer programming (LISP) by sneaking into CMU's computer labs as a teenager. Prior to working at Mosaic, he was one of the main programmers at Lucid and was partially responsible for the creation of Lucid Emacs (Now XEmacs). In the beginnning stages of Mosaic, before the name change, and for a bit after, he was the one coding all the Unix parts of the Netscape browser. It was also early on that he created his infamous Tent of Doom cubicle at the company's current location, 501 East Middlefield Road. jwz was also the creator of "Mozilla" when he yelled out the Mosaic + Godzilla mixture while at lunch.

Near the end of his job at Netscape, he created mozilla.org before resigning on April 1, 1999 after some internal conflicts in the Mozilla project as well as his contempt of AOL.

Jamie Zawinski currently owns the DNA Lounge, a dance club on 11th Street in San Francisco.

E-Mail: jwz@jwz.org
Website: www.jwz.org

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