Marc Andreessen founded Netscape in April 1994 with Jim Clark. As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois in Champaign, Andreessen worked to create the NCSA Mosaic browser prototype for the Internet with a team of students and staff at the university's National Center for Supercomputing Applications, or NCSA. NCSA Mosaic gained an estimated 2 million users worldwide in just over one year.

Certain employees of NCSA will, to this day, get bitter at you if you tell them that Marc Andreessen was the creator of NCSA Mosaic. Marc was just one member of a team of programmers, they will firmly remind you, and the fact that he became the poster child for that browser and for Netscape after he and the rest of the development team went there is a result of the media's focus, and nothing more. Mostly they resent one man getting most or all of the credit for a software project which was, above all, a massive team effort.

No doubt those folks all consider his forced abandonment of Netscape as a casualty of the browser wars to be poetic justice.

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