Quis nodit ipsos noditores?

Some might say nate. Some might say God.

Richard Dawkins would say that it's impossible for the noders to have been noded, and we must all have self-noded at some far point in the past, and that nate doesn't exist, because he said so.

The average fundamentalist would say that we were all noded in a single instant on the day E2 went on-line.

The serious question here is: is it fair to argue that God cannot exist by means of an argument of infinite regress?

No. For one, God could have evolved. For two, s/he need never have been created - this is still an infinite regress, but it lacks the escalation of 'meta-God'. For three, why not believe in an infinite regress? For four, if God needs to have a beginning, why not posit a Big Bang like event for him/her?

Dr Dawkins has problems.

Of course, none of this proves or demonstrates the existence of God, only of the fallaciousness of Dawkins' arguments.

Damn, this was meant to be a joke node, and it got all serious.

ZamZ: Well said. I for one believe it's my duty to improve the world, and not to sit around pretending God (should s/he exist) is going to save my sorry behind. To couch it in noder-terms, you should vote on nodes, not on personalities. :-)
I'm an atheist. I have no wish to debate the existence or non-existence of any god however. I have no quarrel with it, and as Tiefling rightly states the argument is regressive. It cannot be proven one way or another. I just choose not to believe in things that are not scientifically proven. That is me.

My problem then? None bar this one. Does your religion preclude your action in bettering society? This is the only thing I find worth arguing about in these circumstances. Does your god(s) intervene in the world to such an extent that all you must do in life is sit back and dedicate yourself to religion, or should you/need you, take an active role in the society you are in.

I return the question, but who nodes the noders? as un-answerable except with faith, and I ask

Do the noders node?

If they do not it is my belief that nothing will change.

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