Subject of an extremely funny parable about the plight of the implementors of specifications- "Yes! Tax-doing monkeybagels!".

It is strongly redolent of the state of mind of a person who is so overworked that all ideas degrade into nonsense in his ears- thus, the next great idea to implement is 'monkeybagels!'. It seems absurd but the implementor, knowing that absurdity will not be an acceptable excuse to not pursue the idea, goes off and does it anyway. Returning with a fresh monkeybagel doing taxes, he is rewarded for his success, and presented with a freshly ludicrous idea for further monkeybagel development, and returns to work.

It's a terrific parable, and capable of reducing a person to helpless hysterics in proportion to how harried and overworked that person is by strange, absurd demands from clueless lusers and PHBs. It is like Kafka crossed with Theatre of the Absurd, boiled down into a very small textual outburst.

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