Clichéd English expression meaning "frame of reference"; "Weltanschauung"; or "degree or condition of sanity at a point in time."


“He told me, that he had twelve or fourteen times attempted to keep a journal of his life, but never could persevere. He advised me to do it. ‘The great thing to be recorded, (said he,) is the state of your own mind; and you should write down every thing that you remember, for you cannot judge at first what is good or bad; and write immediately while the impression is fresh, for it will not be the same a week afterwards.’”

Boswell’s Life of Johnson (paperback, Oxford University Press, 1980 based on revised edition of 1970, ed. R. W. Chapman), p. 513.

State of Mind is a musical group founded by two people from New Zealand in 2004. They produce drum and bass music.

They were initially signed to Total Science's CIA label in 2005. Later their discography expanded, including labels such as Teebee's Subtitles Records, DJ Friction's Shogun, Futurebound's Viper label, Doc Scott's 31 Records, Bad Company, Black Sun Empire Recordings, and more.

In 2007 they launched their own record label, SOM MUSIC. Recording artists include Black Sun Empire, Chris.Su, Axiom, Spinline, Sigma, Mindscape, Dose, NC17, Bulletproof, and more.

State of Mind's first full length album was "Take Control", released in 2006. Their second album was "Faster Than Light", released in 2009, and it reached the top 40 charts in New Zealand.

They have released material in cooperation with various other artists in the drum and bass scene, such as Black Sun Empire, Chris.Su, Concord Dawn, The Upbeats and others.

Examples of music

*Sun King


*Back to the jungle


*Red Velvet

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