Concord Dawn are a two-man drum n bass outfit hailing from New Zealand. Consisting of Evan Short & Matthew Harvey, who met at school when they were around 12 years old. They were first exposed to drum n bass by going to raves and warehouse parties in their late teens, both getting into dnb and deciding they wanted a part of it, they decided to start producing.
Now, they're the second-highest selling electronic act ever to come from New Zealand.

They have a very distinctive style which has clearly been an inspiration to many other drum n bass producers in the last few years. The style has been described as dark, edgy and even apocolyptic, though some of their tracks are also a more trancey/jungle style. A great example of their edgy & dark style is their intrepretation of Slayer's Raining Blood, which is my personal favorite Concord Dawn track. Something to note is that Evan played the guitar for this track, it isn't sampled or computer-generated.

They have released music on labels Timeless, Renegade Hardware, Moving Shadow, Commercial Suicide, Kog Transmissions, BSE Recordings and others. Due to the near-collapse of Kog Transmissions they've also created their own label, Uprising. They've done remixes with loads of the best drum n bass artists from around the world like Total Science, Technical Itch, Pendulum, Dillinja, Salmonella Dub, Kaos & BulletProof and have collaborated with these and other artists to produce some wicked tracks.

Concord Dawn have toured all over the world, they've been to over 20 countries including Poland, France, Germany, Hungary, Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

If you're looking for some tracks to see if you like them, try Morning Light, Don't Tell Me (what to do) (Featuring Tiki from Salmonella Dub) or Take Me Away.

Good news for Australian DNB fans - Concord Dawn will be playing at the Big Day Out in early 2005 and we can hope they'll do a few club sets while they're in the area too. For upcoming tour dates, their official website is

Concord Dawn have released three complete albums to date:

  • Concord Dawn - released on Kog Transmissions - 2000
  • Disturbance - released on Kog Transmissions - 2001
  • Uprising - released on Uprising - 2003

  • Memory/Music Collection

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