Perhaps interestingly, WAP is also Malay word for vapour. The main movers of WAP (Wireless Application Protocol) now are:
  • WAP Forum (
  • W3C Mobile Access (


Also, the Wireless Application Protocol which your PDA uses to communicate with other resources via a (wireless) network.

A bletcherous protocol stack which basically reinvents TCP/IP from the ground up, under the guise of "wireless is different" (kind of ironic considering that TCP was invented because of the radio network on alohanet). As a result, you have people reimplementing all the mistakes that were made in the history of the internet, but in a tenth of the timespan.

This would be understandable if WAP (more precisely, WDP and WTP) actually did anything that UDP and TCP didn't do. As it is, it's a hodge-podge of ideas borrowed from the IETF and misimplemented by a closed committee.

Check out for more information.

WML is being dropped by the WAP forum, and being replaced by XHTML for WAP 2.0, due to the greater bandwidth and always on capabilities for the 3G mobile networks.

WDP is also being replaced by TCP.

To copulate, to beat. If she wont wap for a winne, let her trine for a make; if she won't lie with a man for a penny, let her hang for a halfpenny. Mort wap-apace; a woman of experience, or very expert at the sport.

The 1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue.

Wap (?), v. t. & i. [See Whap.]

To beat; to whap.

[Obs. or Prov. Eng.]

Sir T. Malory.


© Webster 1913.

Wap, n.

A blow or beating; a whap.

[Prov. Eng.]


© Webster 1913.

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