Why one of the teams in the DEF CON social engineering contest failed. The team's representative was trying to get a woman on the phone to give him some information by telling her that his brother, who was sitting right there in front of him, was deaf, and wouldn't she please help out his brother? He could give her his cell phone number.

I can't remember the details. Sorry.

Some time passes, and he pleads with her a little more, until she finally says "Why does your deaf brother need a cell phone?"

a moment of silence
...and hundreds of people bust out laughing.


Actually, there are TTYs that have a place for an analog cell phone or cordless phone to be connected. One of these models folds up and can fit in a purse or jacket pocket, so that situation is entirely possible. It's still a pretty funny story, but technology can do some neat things this days.

Back when I was learning British Sign Language at Bradford College, the Deaf teacher had a mobile. She used it for texting.

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