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deafness and sign language; roller coasters; dc-area transit
Gallaudet University
In spite of everything, I still believe that people are truly good at heart. -- Anne Frank
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January 9, 2023
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Like...whoa. There used to be a lot more on here. Really.

I don't remember some of these people, but I have met them in person: momomom. qeii. Kiki. vomsorb. wellsie. ili. Necanthrope. Mouthpiece. drummergrrl. Golem. Toxick. Deadbolt. SlightlyMadman. sleeping wolf. MizerieRose. sphere777. Thuper Ranger. dihydrogen monoxide. Brian Feldman. anomaly. Chris-O. LadySun.

People said nice things about me:
<czeano> etoile is people who KNOW people, man
Chris-O says DUDE YOU FUCKING ROCK LIKE A FUCKING THING THAT FUCKING ROCKS ALL DAY. and you're also completely insane. :)
momomom - Etoile was my Secret Santa. The gift was delivered Ring-The-Doorbell-And Run style. I've known Etoile ever since she was a little girl. Which means the hand crocheted hat, yummy cookies, fun oval shaped playing cards and a plan to go kayaking when it warms up here were super meaningful to me.

/me misses Hermetic

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3C! /me misses Hermetic 1
10C! dildo 2
2C! How to make breasts give milk 3
4C! Audrey Hepburn 4
2C! LeVar Burton 5

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1 (tied) SILC
1 (tied) Archives-Navy Memorial
1 (tied) Eisenhower Avenue
1 (tied) Deanwood
1 (tied) Benning Road
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2C! LeVar Burton (tied) 1
10C! Deafness on Martha's Vineyard (tied) 1
2C! Charles Taylor (tied) 1
1C! L'Académie française (tied) 1
1C! Anne Heche (tied) 1
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1 (tied) Takoma
1 (tied) Landover
3 THPS Cheat Codes
4 Seductress
5 (tied) Girl, Interrupted
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10C! dildo 1
3C! /me misses Hermetic 2
2C! How to make breasts give milk 3
4C! Audrey Hepburn 4
2C! LeVar Burton 5

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1 Takoma
2 (tied) Seductress
2 (tied) THPS Cheat Codes
2 (tied) Landover
5 (tied) Girl, Interrupted
...and several others