Seefeel are a British band that was picked up by several music labels, such as Rephlex, Warp and Too Pure. Their sound started out as a mix between drony, My Bloody Valentine-ish guitar sounds and sample based electronic backings, to evolve into full-fledged experimental IDM.

See Also: shoegazing, drone
They've since broken up, and sadly, most of their material is out of print. Succour was their last album, and their first for Warp. Mark Clifford now records as Disjecta, and Sarah Peacock and the rest work as Scala.

They also did an Autechre remix on the Basscadet EP, and two of their songs are remixed on the Warp 10+3 remix compilation.

Editor's note: In the interest of keeping this writeup current, Mark Clifford is currently recording as Sneakster, Sarah Peacock plays some instruments for January, and Daren Seymour and Justin Fletcher are currently not working in music. Seefeel has never officially called it quits, and there's some unspecific Alice-in-Chains-like desire to record again. One can only hope.

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