Some things in life, when seen, just make you want to say, "WHY? Why did you do that? That has got to be the most pointless thing I have ever seen!"

And I just got one of them, in my inbox:

Notice:  If you can read this, we have sent you a message
in the wrong format. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Please let us know by replying to this message and
putting "Change to text" in the subject of the message.
We will ensure that future messages you receive from us
are in the correct format.-->
<body> <pre> Newsletter

Volume 1, Issue 1


I mean, really! If you are going to bother people by sending HTML email, at least make it pretty; don't enclose the entire thing in <pre>!

It is times like these that I worry about humanity...

P.S. Sorry for the lack of commas in the node title; I wasn't sure where they should go. (around "ever"? That just didn't seem right.)

[That's okay, we changed the title. - Ed.]

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