God, Inc's Universe 1.0 has been widely acclaimed as the most billiant piece of software ever.

However, due to extreme hurry in the coding process (remember the whole program had to be delivered in just seven days), users have been complaining about several bugs (see Murphy's Law for a particularly annoying example).

Several patches have been released over time (see Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad) but none of them has been able to bring full satisfaction to customers. In fact, God, Inc. seems to have stopped any further development of this product.

The most likely outcome is that Universe 1.0 will eventually be scrapped altogether. This has already been announced several times, but all estimations for the date of disposal so far have been proven wrong (see Apocalypse).

Rumors about a possible Universe 2.0 (see God's Kingdom) release immediately after the first version is dumped have also been reported - but ever-expanding delays have led several analysts to regard this announcement as plain vaporware.

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