Fear not young noder, if your write-up has been linked here, do not despair. Some passive-aggressive twit has likely decided that your multiple uses of the possessive or contracted version of this homophone is incorrect. You may be panicking, worried that you've committed some atrocity against English with your spurious use of apostrophes. You may say to yourself, 'who is this masked hero? Who has darkened your door long enough to mark your writeup as substandard?' as the silhouette in the lightning flash disappears.

The truth is that you will never know, because that brave defender of literacy will never send you any message more than a link to this page. They know already that you are deeply in need of remedial English lessons and to condescend to write a message to someone who probably would not understand would be hideously unsubtle of them. Instead they will simply feign ignorance of the rules governing the difference between 'its' and "it's". 'Is that really how you use "it{s/'s}"?' they will sarcastically ask themselves, 'let us see.' And thus they will go in search of this page, which they have memorized lest someone make a mistake.

Sadly, as is often the case, this hero has struck wildly, not actually reading your post. They have simply looked for multiple uses of these constructions and by confusion or simply because the typical hero of English has little time, they may well have struck wrong. Using 'its' or "it's" is enough to heat their ire to the point where they will send softly a link to this node. But do not panic, noder, for it is not you that is in error. It is advisable to search through your finely crafted node and reassure yourself of the correctness of your possessives and contractions but one search should be sufficient. No, let not this poorly flung stone defeat your noding. Instead continue forward, forswear these dark tones and fling new spheres into the heavens to brighten the diaphanous harmony that is our everything. Besides, they're assholes anyway.

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