The Talisman

The brainchild of authors Stephen King and Peter Straub, published first in 1984. The Talisman is a brilliant adventure story, a classic good vs. evil tale about Jack Sawyer, a young boy whose mother, an aging B-movie actress is on the run from her late husband's business partner and dying of cancer. The story follows Jack across the country on a quest for a mysterious object that will somehow save his mother's life and that of her other-worldly counterpart, the Queen of the Territories.

The Territories is a sort of parallel world to ours that is filled with magic and mystery. Throughout the novel, Jack "flips" back and forth from our world to the Territories, constantly on the run from the nasty, conniving business partner, Morgan Sloat and his Territories counterpart, an equally evil man who awaits the Queen's death so that he may rule.

Jack meets up with several characters in his journeys, in this world and the other, some good and some not so good. One character of particular note is Wolf, a Territories creep herder, who becomes a wolf at full moon. Others include Speedy Parker, a black carnival caretaker who starts Jack on his quest and Richard Sloat, the son of Morgan, who has no idea who his father really is.

The story has recently been sequelled with the release of Black House, which takes place roughly twenty years later.

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