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Woah.... Welcome to my home, take a seat. May I take
your coat? Thanks. Would you like some coffee?
It isn't that Folder's Crystals crap. This
is the good shit. Here, have a cigar, it's a Cuban.
Wanna talk? Sure, I will discuss myself. I'm 14 year's
old, and live in Arizona, USA, Earth, Milky Way,
Somewhere in the Universe. Want some pot? Here.
Well, I go to Aprende Middle school, I am in 8th grade.
Currently I am planning to conquer my school with my
awesome skills at sports. I'm planning to win the 50M,
100M, 200M, 400M, 4-by-100M, 4-by-400M, longjump,
and shotput in my school's track team. Last year we
got second in state. You have to go? Well, take care
and believe nothing about me!