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October 4, 2000:

October 9, 2000: October 17, 2000 October 19, 2000

Notice how I do it by month. This makes it easier to find why your writeup was killed if you don't know the exact date, and it only gets me one writeup per month. No NFN for me!

October 8, 2000

O, Dem Bones...

As the The Day of Atonement approaches, I anxiously examine my conscience about that which I have done and that which I have failed to do.

I have clearly failed to log here the write-ups that I have killed. This clearly follows from the fact that I have failed to kill any write-ups at all in quite some time.

Why is this? Why am I not doing my editorial duty, and putting suffering write-ups out of their misery? Because I am bound by a higher duty, a prima facie obligation, to seek non-violent solutions to technical problems.

O, Dem Bones...

I come before you to crave a boon. Grant me the power to kill write-ups without penalty. I did not seek editorial powers, but having received them from your hands, I beg you to modify them to allow me to use them in good conscience.


October 10, 2000

O, Dem Bones...

Yom Kippur is over. I hope that you had an easy fast, if indeed you fasted.

I did not fast, as my health does not permit it. But I examined my conscience, meditated on my shortcomings, repented of them, and resolved to turn away from them. Atonement was achieved, without bloodshed.

But, O, Dem Bones...

My conscience still dictates that I must not use my editorial powers to kill write-ups, unless it can be done halachically and humanely, without penalty to the noder. Likewise, I would cherish the godlike power to bless, without the power to curse. However, I do not presume to ask to be as a god, lest The Most High smite me in my arrogance.

I only ask to do no harm as an editor.


Editor Log: October 2, 2000

Writeups removed:

I spent the weekend at the wedding of one of my g/f's cousins. Never go to weddings with your SO. He or she can get all kinds of strange little ideas...

  • If I were a porn star or a prostitute, my name would be... by Lord Brawl
    I removed my w/u from the node of the same name, which continues to grow without bound.
    In case anyone cares, I put it into my home node. Where this kind of stuff belongs. (Hint, Hint)
    I had hoped everyone would have time to evacuate the building before dannye demolished it...
  • I already love Kimonade (idea) by active user costela. Mercy kill (-8).
    I usually don't kill content by active users, but this seemed irredeemable. User /msg'd. Content:
      not any more....
  • Gates of Hell came up in "Random Nodes". I knew what I would find. You know too.
    I did find it. InfiniteVoid had written it, but it could have been anyone. Gone now.


  • His/her name should coicide with that of the principle he/she discovede created by Pseudomancer.
    Rife with typos.
  • my life in a nodeshell created by 65535. Whatever.
(gods): 7Ghent has OK'd the no-penalty removal of, when you have a moment. Thanks.


I don't understand cap2 by DeadBabyBlue ... why is this not under cap? ... anyone?

Users /msg'd:

/msg 7Ghent Hi. Re: ... this should be on your homepage, but not a node, I think. What do you think, 6 months later?

Buddy, can you spare a node?

E1 user Antecedent has no nodes. (gods), Please release this spirit.

Editor Log: October 4, 2000

Writeups removed:

I'm either mellowing or the quality of writeups is up lately. But if I look hard enough, I can always find something...

  • nerdling (person) by E1 noder x0n. User's only w/u. Fails the bs test:
      Someone who creates self-perpetuating Writeups, nb. by their very existance they neccessitate the invention of a word like 'nerdling'.
  • llane (person) by E1 noders x5rings and epoch. Just philler.

Glared at:

The collected works of x o r. It's all negative rep, but not yet in mercy kill country.

Buddy, can you spare a node?

I see we're closing on 19,000 users again. Can't have that...

Jet-Poop has released these unquiet spirits, for which I thank "them".


mat_catastrophe was molested by capitalists as a child created by DMan;
See icicle didn't do it for soft links to a metric buttload of icicle related nodeshells.

Editor Log: October 6, 2000

Writeups removed:

User mystic_mayhem appeared and vanished on Fri Jan 21 2000. This appears to have been an alternate ID for manifest. Oddly mystic_mayhem's nodes were almost exclusively exact copies of the earlier manifest nodes, with minor hard link deficiencies. I removed all of the duplicates, leaving mystic_mayhem nodeless.

<RANT> By the way, for those of you who think we get our jollies killing writeups, this was about an hour of work, making sure they were all dups, cross-checking with the manifest nodes, and then killing each one. All on my own time, just trying to Keep Our Database Clean. </RANT>

<RANT> #2 FYI... all my kills are "with penalty" because that's all I can do. You want mercy, ask a (god). </RANT>

  • Computer Ho (person) by E1 noder RedLeader. User's only node. The whiff of sexism pushed me over the edge on this one:
      one who whores his (rarely her) life out to his (barely ever her) computer.
  • bogo-sort (thing) by E1 noder cpwright. Partial dup. of the complete jargon file entry below it.
  • Srijith.Net (thing) by E1 noder manifest/mystic_mayhem (apparently the same person). Self-aggrandizing Philler.
  • IGNet (thing) by mystic_mayhem. Self-aggrandizing Philler.
  • srijith (person), manifest (person) and Srijith.Net (thing) by manifest. Self-aggrandizing Philler.
  • Ramayana, Kalari Pyattu, Kathakali, Mahabharata, Puranas, IG (things); Kochi, Kerala (places); all by mystic_mayhem.
    Exact duplicates of the earlier manifest w/us.

Nodeshells which do not add value

Qubec City, from E1 which had problems with accented characters.

Computer Ho, IGNet, srijith, Srijith.Net, IGNet, I just hit 1000 XP!

does anyone get today's userfriendly? was on the list but dg filled it nicely.

The Nodeless, Who Cry Out for Release

User RedLeader was shot down by Jet-Poop, thanks Team!
User srijith is bereft of w/us and can be sent to the netherworld.
User mystic_mayhem was stomped as described above, and should be removed as well.


Anyone understand Surp Ass by sharpie? Look at the pipes in the hard links before you decide...

Editor Log: October 7, 2000

Writeups removed:

The following Jargon File writeups by E1 noder cpwright contained partial or full duplicates of the complete Jargon File entries autonoded under everyone. Obviously he did these by hand as the typos attest. But he has never been on E2 and the content is now superfluous. So, after integrating any good linking into the autonoded entry, I killed:

bogo-sort, backbone site, backgammon, background, backspace and overstrike, bag on the side, banana label, banana problem, bang, bang on, bang path, banner, baroque, BASIC, bathtub curve, baud, baud barf, bboard, beam, beanie key, beep, beige toaster, benchmark, berklix, beta, BFI, BiCapitalization, Big Gray Wall, big iron, Big Red Switch, big win, big-endian, bignum, bigot, bit bang, bit bashing, bit decay, bit rot, bit twiddling, bitblt , BITNET, bitty box, bixie, Blue Book
... at which point I became tired of the process and stopped. Started again and stopped again. Editing is a laugh riot sometimes.

big room by zeno was also a jargon file duplicate and suffered collateral damage.

PC World: May 1990 (selected tidbits), PC World: June 1990 (selected tidbits) and PC World: August 1990 (selected tidbits) by me.
Yes, killed, with the -10 XP hit (June was renamed, not killed).
sensei felt these nodes were inappropriate. As a compromise I have combined it all into a single node named PC World: 1990 (selected tidbits). This should prevent an explosion of copycat crimes. Kids, don't try this at home.

  • sad attempt (idea) by drive-by noder nacho. User's only w/u. Self-describing and linkless:
      When attempting to do something goes wrong.
  • Mak. (idea) by fled user napir. See it in all its glory:
      Mak. Makmakmak. Makmakmakamakamkamakamak.
  • little boys (idea) by apirkle. Mercy kill (-6). Content omitted.
  • Trenchcoat Mafia (thing) by E1, drive-by noder MrZebra. Several later w/us agree that this one was inadequate and incorrect:
      A group of messed up kids who for whatever reason decided to try to kill their classmates and blow their school. They succeded at least partially in their goal.
  • House of Slack (place) by MrZebra. All about "MrZebra's basement." How ... quaint.
  • House of Slack (idea) by new user Alden. Potentially OK, but directed a profanity at MrZebra. Not acceptable.
I glared at the contents of My first cooled writeup but pity stayed my hand.

She sells Nodeshells by the Sea Shore

To be removed: Mak., Calvin McCutcheon

To fill or remove: House of Slack

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

User nacho had no w/us. I had been asked not to kill the account because EDB likes to eat nacho. Does EDB normally eat inactive users? Whatever. By then it was too late anyway. nacho sleeps with the fishes.

Goodnight, MrZebra.

Newbies who may need watching

I'm not sure I like the looks of alden's work so far. I killed one of alden's writeups, and sent this:
/msg Alden I killed House of Slack. Please do not direct profanities at other users.

Questions for the (gods)

User kaatunut has a question about a node that was renamed. It's one of several writeups kaatunut created with perl that are not connected to the main node in the usual way. This one was once called "E2 bugs (idea)" and is now called simply "(idea)". kaatunut wonders who did that, and why?

Editor Log: October 9, 2000

I'm back from Canadian Thanksgiving and stuffed full of farm-fresh turkey. I can hardly move ... but I can sit here and peruse the database.

<ASIDE>sensei seems concerned that y'all think we just kill stuff. Today I started by responsing to /msg's including fixing a typo in my own stuff (thanks, blaaf). Then I read the editor logs for the weekend, which led to me voting *up* some users, and then I read almost all of ENN and voted some more stuff up and bestowed a cool or two on factual nodes. I did kill some writeups in passing (see below) and soon I will read the Cool Archive and Page of Cool and likely vote a bunch more deserving stuff up. As sensei said a few days ago, we don't log most of that. Seldom does anyone complain about a cool or being voted up (odd, that) so we don't need to log it.</ASIDE>

Writeups removed:

  • euphamism (idea) by fled user suziwells. A decent w/u but the title's wrong and euphemism exists.
    If there was any way to move this w/u there, we'd do it. But there's not, so out it goes.
  • "More speed, Scotty! I need more speed!" (idea) by fled user 0belix. Belongs in home node. Better w/us exist. Poof!
  • "eclip5e" (person) by recently active (Sept. 13) user eclip5e. User's email, web page.
    This stuff belongs in your home node. User /msg'd.
  • "eclip5e" (person) by 0belix. Basically said "I know eclip5e."
    This stuff belongs, if anywhere, in your home node.
  • I am back (idea) by 0belix. 0belix returned from Christmas Holidays 1999.
    During that time he apparently forgot how to link. Poof!
  • benifits (idea) by 0belix. User notes it's a misspelling. Gosh, thanks. Poof!
  • benifits (idea) by jessicapierce. A zap me request.
    I rely on jp's well known XP stoicism to defer a retributive strike of unimaginable magnitude, or worse yet, her subtle but biting derision.
  • Traders (thing) by 0belix. This, my eager minions, is an example of what we call worse than nothing:
      It is a television show. I haven't seen it yet. So I can't really talk about it. it has something to do with trading.
  • human (thing) by eclip5e. Mercy kill (-6). Content:
  • Two eclip5e w/us, one consisting of a metric buttload of Ws and the other ALotOfWordsStrungTogetherLikeThis. An apparent attempt to break E2. Tsk, tsk. Oddly neither had an associated node, so no nodeshells result from the kills. BTW, in case it's not clear Please do not do this! Thanks.
Glared at November 13, 999 by 0belix but removing it would mess up kg's excellent w/u about E1 import mechanics. Feh. Also glared at almost everything else by 0belix, but it's E1 stuff so I relented. Also he's at 13/-13 which has a certain symmetry about it. Perhaps all that turkey makes me somnolent.

involved (idea) by eclip5e needs editing to remove the hard linked typo benifits. Or someone could kill it. Whatever. I glared at a lot of eclip5e stuff, too.

(gods), can someone no-penalty kill eclip5e by Psk please? By request.

Users /msg'd:

/msg Rainfire re:getting on in years Good writeup, but it's euphemism, please fix.
/msg pingouin You might want to remove euphamism now.
/msg eclip5e FYI I removed your node "eclip5e", it was redundant as this is home node info. Regards, LB
/msg Tristin I recommend a deletion request on your eclip5e w/u. Thanks, LB

/msg Psk I recommend a deletion request on your eclip5e w/u. Thanks, LB
Psk replied giving permission to remove the node but concerned about XP.
/msg Psk Thanks for the reply. I'll ask for a no-penalty kill, then , if that's OK by you.

Nodeshells! Get yer Red Hot Nodeshells!

"eclip5e", I am back, benifits

Editor Log: October 10, 2000

Oddly, it's the work of active users annoying me today. Therefore very few kills, but a lot of /msgs.

I would like to speak briefly in defensive of the writeup "kill" w/ penalty that editors have. Apparently some editors find it inhumane or hold themselves above inflicting XP damage or something. I admit that sometimes I wish that I could kill a w/u without XP loss. OTOH the sting in my kills makes me think carefully before I use it on an active user. And, let's admit it, sometimes people write really poor, unacceptable stuff. If not for the threat of XP loss, how deep would we be in that kind of excrement? Sometimes you have to hit the puppy on the nose with the rolled up newspaper, to teach him not to poop in the house. This is our house, people. Don't poop here!

Writeups removed:

Someone claiming not to be zpengo was on that account posting abuse. sensei locked the account, and I killed the 5 abusive w/us. zpengo had not been on since March 29, 2000 ... yet I note that the quality of the old zpengo's w/us is not too great either. I will revisit zpengo later ... gentle readers, please let us know what you think by voting on zpengo's stuff. Thanks.

  • Diff'rent Strokes (idea) by fled user Jaypee. User's only remaining w/u (see dragoon's log) - This w/u was profane, misspelled, and largely fact-free. Poof!
  • celebrity boyfriend (person) by drive-by noder Lady Kaurya. User's only w/u, likes Christian Slater. Gosh, thanks. Poof!
  • B-reel (place) by drive-by noder yeahns. Only w/u. User works there. Wow. Poof!
  • Yeon, Seung Hoon (person) by drive-by noder yeonsh "someone who lives in Korea." Gosh, thanks. Poof!
  • intersys, Yist, Dinopio by E1 user yiango. Philler.
  • down with everything (idea) by drive-by noder your elder. Only w/u. Philler.
  • weaselboy (person) by drive-by noder YtRabbit. Only w/u. Insulted someone.
  • ytsriver (place) by ytsriver. Only w/u. Philler.
Glared at: The works of Yager. But I can't be bothered right now. I also didn't know what to make of Nigger, Please...

Nodeshells! Get yer Red Hot Nodeshells!

intersys, Yist, Dinopio, weaselboy

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

Drive-by noders Jaypee and Lady Kaurya were bereft of writeups and can be sent on to the next life by Jet-Poop.

I see we have 19,059 noders! Not all are active. Time to trim nodeless users under the Y, with the help of the (gods):

y.o.d.a, YaaHoo, yaaster, yabba, YACanuck, yacko, yade, yahmdallah, Yakifer, yaktooki, yama, yasa, yath, yatsura, Yautja, Yawgmoth, Yax-Pac, yeahns, yeehi, YeenaYam, Yegorm, YellowdudeMyFrog, yeonsh, Yert, yewdeepee, yggjag, yickity, yip, yippi, ykantor, ylsine, YME, yoder, Yodi, Yogin, yohe, yoho, Yojimbo, YOKKA, yokocho, yolajew, yolto, Yoon, york, yoshi-kun, your elder, youtoo, YoYo, yoyopimp, Yperion, yt, ytchi, YtRabbit, ytsriver, yulin, yup, yves, Your Second Bestest Friend in the Whole Wide World

Users /msg'd:

/msg tres_equis Hi. Are you attached to tres equis, you suck for making all these empty nodes? I'd like to remove both w/us.
/msg gluth Hi. Are you attached to People who create lots of nodes without writeups suck? I'd like to remove both w/us.
/msg gluth Hi. Are you attached to zero-clone? I'd like to remove this node and all w/us.
/msg Shanoyu Hi. Are you attached to zero-clone? I'd like to remove this node and all w/us.

Editor Log: October 11, 2000

tres_equis has accepted a removal of tres equis, you suck for making all these empty nodes. If that could be done by a (god) in a no-penalty fashion that would be superb. I'd like to see the whole node removed, if one of the Mighty could please do so.

sensei, it's "Listen to them -- the children of the night. What music they make!" in the novel Dracula, Chapter 2, near the end of Jonathan Harker's entry for May 5.

Writeups removed:

  • filthy swine (person) by Kaleb (last on Aug 15/00). Consisted of the single word "homo". Thanks anyway.
  • cool node (thing) by fled user lulu. "A way to get experience points!" Or, maybe not.
  • long distance relationship (idea) by fled user eluyten. "A bad idea ". Thanks anyway.

Nodeshells, like pale shadows of the past

smargle, smarglegoblins (shudder)

Editor Log: October 13, 2000

Just back from the University of Waterloo where I spent the day inteviewing coop (intern) students. Ah, I remember being young and idealistic like that...

Fruan, had we not imported the E1 nodes, we old timers would have been sad, none as sad as pseudo_intellectual. The E1 writeups are small but sometimes mighty. (Check it out! I'm still an E1 "best user"!)

Writeups removed:

  • Dragonmount Networks¹ (person) by E1 noder pheon. User's sole w/u, gave the URL. Poof!
1. As noted by baffo.

Nodeshells, like pale shadows of the Past

Dragonmount Networks

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

User pheon may fade from our site, and our memories, without a tear being shed.

Editor Log: October 14, 2000


Check out October 15, 2000 (idea) by jkfghldagv. Theme: "Editors suck." I'm concerned that this user might "pull an Asamoth" ... but I'm not sure his point isn't valid. It speaks to something that has been bothering me for a while.

I think that some of us (editors and "gods") are overly aggressive with the writeups of active users. I almost never remove the writeup of an active user without /msging them and waiting at least 24 hours for a response. I also reproduce the content of most writeups I kill here, so that everyone can see what the writeup said.

Most users respond and agree to change or remove their work. Oddly, the few times I've gotten static have been from "Everything's Best Users ". Less XP-bloated users always seem grateful for some friendly advice. I've had some great conversations resulting from that initial /msg.

There are exceptions: Writeups that I find with significant, pointless profanity, blatant racism or sexism, and/or abuse of another noder will die immediately and not be reproduced here.

So ... while I object to being splattered with jkfghldagv's "Editors suck" because I have always striven to be fair, I think there is real reason to be concerned that arbitrary actions may really alienate some of our contributors. I plead for restraint with our active noders. Only you can prevent Asamoths.

Update: While I, in turn, see wharfinger's point, I feel that the best way to tell a user that his or her writeup is wrong is with a /msg. If the user is unreasonable or abusive, then sure, nuke away. But I think the reasonable and polite thing is to warn the user first. If whizzy did that in this case, all to the good. But I am sure there are times when this does not happen, and it should.


I noticed sTUPID people, stupid things and the masses are asses. in ENN. The value of these linkless w/us is not readily apparent. I leave them to the discretion of others to handle as they will.

Writeups removed:

  • zero-clone (person) by gluth0. Account's only w/u.
    "gluth0" was an E1 clone account created by gluth to allow him to fill both of the 2 writeup slots in an E1 node. Such things are not relevant to E2.
  • Please uncripple ENN (idea) by Lord Brawl. From March 8/9 2000. No longer relevant.
    This whole node can probably go, and BTW, fellow editors, most of the w/us are by "us".
  • things I find sexy (idea) by fled user upTite I don't mind GTKY nodes any more than I mind daylogs.
    But this was the sole w/u of a user last seen in April. Thus it fails the Earn your Bullshit test.
      A surprise piercing (anywhere); (natural) redheads; semi-colons; ;; :-) eye contact
  • Level 4 Nodership (thing) by KillerPenguin. dragoon missed this one during last month's spree.
I glared at KL Group by digitalboy. Normally I remove these "I work here" writeups, the problem here is conflict of interest. digitalboy worked at KL Group last summer. Unbeknownst to digitalboy, so do I. Now, I could fill this node with better content, but is it then a kind of advertising? I could kill the w/u, but does it deserve to die? Argh.

Also glared at Lynsey McGough, it's cute and all but is it appropriate?

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

I rendered gluth0 and upTite nodeless and recommend that these accounts be removed. While reviewing last week's logs I find that user alden seems to be nodeless, despite what the home node says. I don't know what to make of that.

Nodeshells, like pale shadows of the past

The following encourage NFN and need to be banished:

I call upon the "Gods"

I have an outstanding request from Psk for someone to no-penalty kill eclip5e (by Psk). Please? Thanks.

If somone could cull the pre-msg node Decisive Battles/Events rsp to L.Brawl by myself and bozon, I think that would be appropriate, too, thanks.

Editor Log: October 15, 2000

Newbie watch

It looks like our interactions with stile have flooded E2 with his, err, adherents, which has led to quite a bit of, let us be frank, shit. I saw some nastiness last night, which it looks like someone else caught and removed.

New user rubysoho seems to need some help, I have /msg'd about the first 3 nodes.

New users MightyWang, m0id, Induced_Apathy, westfoss, KorNHoLio, ozzyhead777 and someone each have 1 w/u, many of which have the same feel. I suspect one or two authors. Anyway, all were /msg'd with variants on:
Hi. Would you like some help with E2? Please read my first write-up.
dannye, I know you think it's a lost cause. You're likely right. But I had to try.

Other /msg'ing included:
/msg Induced_Apathy FYI, Your writeup Jesus was a fake is inappropriate and will likely be removed.
/msg Blue_Nine Welcome. Your writeup under What Is Everything? should likely be in a daylog, such as October 15, 2000. Also, please read my first write-up.

I chose to Mercy Kill Jesus was a fake (idea) by Induced_Apathy before it sunk any lower than -8. I couldn't see much hope of salvaging this one. The nodeshell remains, I suppose that someday someone might want to take a real shot at this idea.

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

gluth0 and upTite were nodeless and these accounts were removed. Thanks, whomever.

Nodeshells, like pale shadows of the past

The following encouraged NFN and were banished:

  • Level 1 Nodership through ...
  • ... Level 11 Nodership
Note that tregoweth had a w/u under Level 10 Nodership, and OK'd its removal.

you are a fucking idiot created by everyone. If you must do this kind of softlinking, and I strongly suggest you don't, at least have the fortitude to create the nodeshell yourself.

Pseudo_Intellectual sucks big purple donkey dick created by yam. Judging by the softlinks I guess dick sucking is a significant concern of the community. Pseudo_Intellectual, if you're reading this and want us to retain this ode to your supposed affinity for mauve mule male members, please say so. (See also the related P_I sucks big floppy donkey dick!.)

I found the nodeshell WHO'S A TASTY ANUS? created by jessicapierce. G'wan, intrepid rescuers, fill that with something you'll be proud of in six months.

Editor Log: October 16, 2000

The nodegel feels turgid. Eddies in the gel reflect the passage of the barbarian hordes unleashed by stride's sojourn within. The godusergroup and editorusergroup entities tend the gel, shaping it here, pruning it there, releasing small doses of poison into selected spots which show signs of disease. /msgs ripple through the gel, vibrating the cilia of the editors like a cry for help which echoes from a distant mountaintop. We reflect on the calming techniques taught to us by sensei as we embark on the day's efforts.

Newbie Watch

New user JesteRadonis started with an October 16, 2000 daylog, some 4 hours before the appointed time, but as sins go, that's a small one. I sent my by now traditional newbie /msg.

Newbie g0diam looks trollish. I sent a warning /msg, we'll see what happens.

Newbie buttpirate is clearly a lost cause. I have asked for a tactical nuke to be dropped on his home node. Those of you who know my style can guess how far buttpirate was over the line.

Writeups removed

  • Leila (person) by fled user vasudeva. Content: "Yay! Leila!" Uh huh.
  • AssNugget (idea) by newbie buttpirate. Unacceptable content. User /msg'd
I suspect buttpirate's domestic violence is a lost cause, but I didn't kill it, awaiting a response to the previous /msg first.

She sells nodeshells by the sea shore

OH NO!! MORE NODEVERTIZING!! DUCK 'N COVER!!!! created by fustflum seems to be pointless, even as a softlink, since nodevertising is a boite-du-chat activity.

The Tragedy of Nodelessness

The account Immaculate Decpetion is inactive, and misspelled. Other null members of the 'I' group include InspectHer Gadgets, iamaloser, i suck, Invalid_Name and insertusernamehere. As per Jet-Poop's request I restrain myself from hunting them all down at once.

Other requests for "Divine" Intervention

this is kindainteresting (idea) by jes5199 says "zap me". As jes5199 is active, I do not strike the writeup down, but request aid from on high.

Editor Log: October 17, 2000

The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook was pointed out to me as potentially copyrighted material. Our policy on such things is described at E2 Copyright Violations. I sent the noder this:
/msg hackthemainframe "Worst Case Scenarios" is copyrighted material. Do you have the authors' permission to reproduce it?
and took the unusual step of contacting the authors to solicit their opinion, as they seem to have an active web presence. We'll see what comes of that little stunt. Nothing bad, I hope. Text of message below:


I'm a volunteer editor at the website

Recently one of our members noticed that another member has been posting what appears to be copyrighted material from your book, The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook.

The policy of Everything2 (see ) is to remove such material at the author's request.

As the person involved has just started on this project (see ) I would like to get your input as to what is, and is not, acceptable before the user in question goes much further.

If you could, please let me know by one of the following ways:
(i) Reply to me, indicating your wishes
(ii) Email the website's primary administrator
(iii) Create a Everything2 account and submit an entry under "E2 Copyright Violations"

If some accomodation is possible where some subset of the content could be reproduced, and proper credit given, that would be ideal (we like to encourage content on the site, but not at the expense of copyright).

Thanks for your attention and understanding.

This seems fair to me, but maybe it's poking a stick into a beehive. Anyone feel strongly one way or the other about this approach?


Author's response below (edited for television)

Hi (Lord Brawl). Yes, the site has reproduced much of the The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook's content without permission. Please remove it, or contact (contact name) for information on permission to excerpt. I personally don't have a problem with you reproducing one or two of the book's scenarios (with the copyright notice attached, which it isn't currently) but I think you have gone way beyond fair use here...
Thanks for the note.
-Josh Piven, author

Update Two

I emailed hackthemainframe at his hotmail account:

FYI, author Josh Piven has requested removal of your noding of his copyrighted material.
I hope you don't take this personally, but lawsuits bad.
Thanks for your understanding,


With help from a (god) the copyright violations reported above were no-penalty killed.

Editor Log: October 21, 2000

Something seems just a bit ... off ... in the nodegel tonight. Whatever can it be? If only sensei were here to tell me. Let me try and run an analysis with the cool new cyborg implants that dem_bones has placed within my editorial cilia. (Did I always have cilia? That seems wrong somehow. Well, no matter.) Editor's Note: Yes, you always had cilia.

Readout: Distilled water, Aloe Vera, Mineral Oil, Butylene Glycol, Propylene Glycol, Urea (OK, who peed in the pool?), Caramel, Sodium Pentathol, Jojoba, Vitamin E, Peppermint, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Yellow Dye Number 5.

Sounds about right, except for the urine, but that happens sometimes in a public place, I guess.

Writeups removed

  • Everything in e_, by e- and sdr, a couple of the self-appointed 31337 congratulating each other on their d00dness. Thanks anyway.
  • The other 5 writeups of sdr, vacuous items about his buds, their chicks, and his cracker sites.
  • x0x by HomeySan and slawz. Fallout from the above.
  • l0q by Swern and pzn. Ditto.
  • short people by Swern. Lack of content.
  • excommunicated, fC, 757 by gauge. More lame hax0r stuff.
  • Do you know anyone from Everything in real life? (person) by PaSTE. Mercy kill (was at -5).

Tedium is my business, and business is good

In response to a noder complaint, I investigated PaSTE's petty larceny of information from Encyclopedia Mythica ( One of the site's authors said the use is OK as long as the copyright is given, so I injected the copyright into all of PaSTE's obviously light-fingered writeups.

Release the Hounds

Nodeless E1 user elric was send whirling back to the million spheres, doubtless to reincarnate.

I removed user sdr. His many pals including HomeySan and Swern got a look over as a result, but most survived relatively unscathed. The account of nodeless user angieb, who ran with that crowd, was removed.

Released the nodeless accounts e-coli, e-g, e..t, e.Normus, e.w., eamoon, earl, earljj, eamoon, easya, Eat Crow, eatin' man, eating man, eaubin

Adopt a Nodeshell

757 and musings are empty and could use a good w/u (757 - the aircraft, for example).

Personal news

For those who I told about this earlier, I climbed the stairs of the CN Tower for the United Way this morning. My time was 23 minutes 55 seconds, which was a steady, somewhat brisk climb to the top. That's 2:59 slower than my time up a year ago. The overall record time is 7:52 or something similar.

Editor Log: October 28, 2000

I have lately been lurking in the weedy shoals at the bottom of E2. It's quiet and peaceful there, with a gentle undertow rippling my cilia in a most pleasant manner. All is tranquil and serene, under the gel. Yet today, while I drifted on the current, I discovered places on the node-bed that were littered with low-quality writeups.

Down below the ebb and flow of the nodegel a substrate of E1 nodes has formed, compressed by time into a silty muck. In places the bottom is encrusted with barnacles and less savory items. So with some trepidation, I reached into the murky depths and removed the worst excesses of that simpler time, lest it poison the freegel above and mislead those new fish who are but recently spawned into our shared environment.

Writeups, users and nodes removed

I'll just hit the lowlights:

  • The collected works of E1 noder gilgongo including the user account;
  • A lot of stuff by E1 veteran MrP- that belongs in the home node, if anywhere;
  • Some writeups insulting other users, best left uncommemorated.

Cleanup on aisle 7

I agree with Fruan, below, regarding the logging of writeups removed from the E1 substrate. I will make exceptions where I feel a valuable example may be made for others. Ahem.

A number of user accounts beginning with "G" had a "strange, muscular visitor" today - yours truly. I see that we're within spitting distance of 20,000 users. To make this a little more challenging and meaningful, I winnowed away some inactive accounts. A few writeups died in the process, none worth noting or indeed noding.

So it's pretty funny 'cuz like I really like R.E.M., and so does dem bones, and before you know it we're talking, and after a while sensei says something like Ack wheeze pbfhffft-CHOO and then all of a sudden I'm pretty much covered with nodegel, or at least I think it's nodegel. In the storybooks, they assure me, it will be nodegel. And then one of them says, dude, we're really sorry about that, can we at least make you an editor or something?

So I said, "sure".

And then, like a giddy twelve year old playing DOOM for the first time, I strapped on my big editorial gun and went wandering around looking for things to kill. The sad thing is, all I found is a bunch of candy-assed crap by old E1 and fled users, and none of it shot back.

Killed the following writeups by (somewhat appropriately-named) fled user bs:

The following have been parted from user scjody (from E1; never logged in)

All of these from user PetVirus were sterilized. If you put them all together and did a little work you could maybe make a daylog out of it:

  • fuck me upsidedown like a pig "The best phrase said by my friend jen". I almost left this because I had to pause for at least a minute to consider if the concept made sense or not.
  • my friend tara: Apparently she is an excelent (sic) artist.
  • Meat Beater: "One time tara found a meat tenderizer in the sink and asked 'mom why is there a meat beater in the sink?' and then her and nicole started to make up different names for that." There's something a little profound in that first part, but I don't think that's what old PetVirus was driving at.
  • my friend jen "she is so goofy. i love it. she says fuck me upside down like a pig sometimes..." Is the big picture coming together for you now? God, it's like Faulkner.
  • 539223 his icq number, for all to behold
  • punched a very large hole in my wall: several full sentences here, but no content.

All of these writeups by afree have been liquified:

  • noding while drunk. Self-explanatory, really.
  • DELETE ALL EVERYTHING SLACKERS! Apparently if we don't node something in two weeks time, we have to go.
  • diskette "The feminists' disk (disc). Boy, they're square." The only writeup there, which is really embarassing, don't you think? Here we are an army of geeks and not and "diskette" is a nodeshell... (Update: erbo has apparently read this, and has done an outstanding rescue. Bravo.)
  • afree87: Apparently this was to be "the logical next step after xfree86", but no explanation why.

So, that was fun. But I'm going to be on a trip for a couple of weeks, so no more gardening for me until I get back. Hey do I get paid vacation?

Oh, and I cooled A.E. Housman. Three nice writeups in a row, each with a poetry sample.

you are here | the next time...

October 21, 2000

Howdy, folks! First editor log entry for this newly appointed servant...

Sacrifices for the Gods (0 writeups/0 XP)

Kill-worthy account

/msg to new noder (username witheld):
"Hi, one of your friendly E2 editors here... I urge you to quit making up nonsense re: alcoholism and/or drinking in general. Your XP will thank you for it."

October 22, 2000

Page of Cool Addition:

Sarifices for the Gods:
  • E2 Non-users (0 writeups/0 XP)

  • Kill-worthy accounts:
  • Node Nuke Requests:
    • markf (and others where applicable) for:
Kills: Merciful and Otherwise:

October 27, 2000

Sensei, sensei... Wherefore art thou? The nodegel beckons and awaits thy glorious return! Please make haste as we are wont of your enlightenment. Forsaketh us not, dear friend!

Catching up...


Nodes killed: all by user RChicken. These nodes (and more that I haven’t gotten to yet) contributed nothing to everything. He’s level three, which demonstrates how a noder's level doesn't always reflect a noder's skill.
You'd hope by level three he'd know how to node. I don't think he can be helped.

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