I didn't kill many, but i killed deliberately. Thinning, so the stronger nodes can grow more lush. You know?
  • eric+ and mblase's additions to Nebula award were killed without penalty in a cleanup job: they had been assimilated into yossarian's writeup there. A clean node is a happy node. Of course, this is kinda like a metanode. Everyone/anyone could maintain it if it was written by the everyone account, hint hint.
  • canar's addition to the same node was killed without mercy. There was no content! I suppose it might have been wiped clean when the info in yoss's superceded it. Don't do that!!! Really, it sucks.
  • Killed my writeup in bigger breasts because it didn't really add anything useful or interesting except a trigger for moJoe's response, sorry about that.
  • my site, by ezrec, got yanked up by the roots. Nov. 13. The web is full of URLs. Make it interesting and we might consider it. Also, you don't come 'round here no more. So, excuse me, but you have to make me care.
  • Nodeshell killed (would like to have killed with penalty): world is better off without your node - because it apparently was created just to softlink-comment on a pondering-suicide node. Now, you may be tired of it, i may be weary of it, but i've been there, haven't you? If you've got something to say to them, say it. If i've got nothing to say, my lips are sealed.
  • i took aim at pills i take that make me happy, but yaypea beat me to it. She's good. REAL goood.
And what else, what else? Oh yes, fixed caps in node titles. Fixed grammar/spelling in node titles. Handed out unsolicited opinions. Handed out unsolicited spelling corrections. Encouraged several newbies. Fixed up Webby flubs. Made faces at people who couldn't see me. Trust me, they were shocking. Shocking.

Went strolling in the garden - i missed it while i was gone.