The Book of Evil Catullus 2

1. And Evil Catullus spent a day of rest and preparation for his migration even unto the mounts of Denver from that den of iniquity, Los Angeles
2. And he spake with hramyaegr and wharfinger about sundry issues and profited therefore from their wisdom.
3. On the morning of the third day, Evil Catullus took up his sword once more and waded into the nodegel with a hardened heart.
4. And Evil Catullus looked upon the writeups of jre even though he/she hath not logged into everything 2, and Evil Catullus found them hateful and unmannerly.
5. And with a grim visage, Evil Catullus slew not-good stuff, evil person, bad stuff, all I wanted was a Pepsi, nonetheless, hee, ghost shit, wanna fuck and ironic who were all begat by jre for the best of them was foul and spake nonsense. Evil Catullus gazed over that which jre hath wrought and did not slay more.
6. And Evil Catullus spied Hannibal Lector by cantsin which saith, "its spelt "Lecter." and Evil Catullus knew this to be truth, but slew Hannibal Lector without mercy for it was impudent and useless.
7. With mercy in his heart, Evil Catullus slew the writeup begat by cantsin in Kiss the constitution goodbye, its shrill screams of "Its time to smash the state. Its time to stop pinning our hopes on bogus contracts like The U.S. Constitution." were hateful unto the ears of noders and they had downvoted it even four-and-four times.
8. With a heavy heart, Evil Catullus slew tomb raider 3 by fondue, for fondue hath not given answer for two days and his writeup spake only "See tomb raider".
9. Thus endeth the second day of the trials of Evil Catullus, whereafter he rested and gave praise to nate and dem bones.

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