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November 14, 2000
the decadent past | the undiscovered country


O dem bones, I'm feelin' pretty lonely up here. The other editors and gods must be hiding their deeds, for I seem to be the only one reporting in.

I know that in my last ed log I promised that this one would be devoted to all things ass, but there's just so much chaff to filter out that it's gonna take a while longer. I promise it will be all the better when the ass really hits the f...no that's not it. Sorry, I was reaching there. Anyway I want to put it all in one writeup as a kind of mausoleum to bad ass writeups. (That's bad writeups about ass, not bad-ass writeups, btw.)

Killed Arsenal of Democracy by Dems. Factually incorrect node, user never logged in.

Killed Why do they call them gods? by StopTheViolins. Poorly written one-liner whining that gods should be renamed to 'satans' b/c their actions are cruel and arbitrary. Apparently STV has been the victim of some sort of wrath from the gods in the past. We editors, OTOH, are kind, benevolent and generally wonderful, right up until we pull the trigger.

Participated in a group-kill of the second wave of a series of pointless writeups in old daylogs by rfc1394. What the hell was that, anyway? They were disappearing faster than I was killing them, so somebody else was apparently helping. Thanks.

Killed all these by ojnk:

Other business today:

/msg Kid_A The spirit of E2 is that A T1 Connection really isn't all that fast should just be noded in T1. How about moving it?

Kudos to ironmonkey23 for being a very good sport after I tried to explained to him/her what we're about here at E2. Now, of course, I expect great things :)

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