Removed cowlick by molo because it was the same as the Webster1913 definition, with the addition of the lonely word m00. ...From a lonely neuron comes a lonely nugget of nonsense.

Ditto m00 itself: "a more 31337 version of moo". ...Well, at least now cowlick isn't lonely.

Ditto deaf: "adjective: lacking or deprive of the sense of hearing wholly or in part, ie. no matter how loud you shout, you will still be ignored. Many deaf people use ASL (American Sign Language) to communicate." ...They're not ignoring you, they're Deaf, and American Sign Language is used by many American people.

Ditto bills, "those things that make me broke". ...No, that's your spending. Bills are Nature's way of saying "pay for what you bought last month".

And finally: NTID, "An endless source of deaf people who don't understand that they are making really loud noises with their mouths." ...Some days I'm ashamed to be counted among the hearing. Grow up.

Killed Round portholes by floyd2 because he hadn't responded to my request that he not node copy-and-paste writeups. He has since agreed to have the rest of them removed.

I nuked who wants a copy of the liberal agenda signed by theonomist and all that dwelt therein (mercifully, all of 'em). This was done at theonomist's request. He says that he's unlikely ever to get the thing written, and even less likely to get all those copies in the mail. He's embarrassed to have made an offer that he won't make good on. Without theonomist's writeup there, the others are kinda pointless, so they went too. It would have been a cool joke with some follow-through, but the boy's too damn lazy.

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