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"It was pure all my favorite things, including myself. Pure invention!" --Pie 'oh' pah
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Above: I am planning to steal the moon.

The Word is not dead.

Some Noders I like: randir Chras4 Kawika Geekachu
Schmik snakeboy factgirl moJoe ToasterLeavings
Oslo Girlface Pseudo_Intellectual hramyaegr
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You are evil. I like you.

Evil Catullus misses Sensei.


When a life is over,
the one you were living for,
where do you go?


Dear Secret Santa,
I like death rays, unfailingly loyal death commandoes and impenetrable hidden volcano fortresses books, chocolate, books, clever little handmade things, new music, anything to do with cooking, small unique toys, spices, and you (but you should probably not send yourself to me, my mailbox is very small).


"A bunny and a kitten snuggled up in a baby blue blanket in front of a fireplace, that's the image I get when I think, 'Evil Catullus'. Oh, did I mention that they're asleep and the kitten's paw is thrown over the bunny?" --hramyaegr

"er well, I sorta read one of your stories, and was struck by a sudden fit of boredom that lasted several hours" --anonymous

"the bad thing about Evil_Catullus is that he's soooo cuuuuute... kind of like an evil kitten" -- gwenllian

"Sophanda was actually Evil Catullus. I did not mean to claim to have that much degenerate blood in my body." --dannye

EDB nibbles on Evil Catullus. Mmm, decadent!

"Evil Catullus once came to my house and hit me so hard, I fell through the earth and into the secret kingdom of the Deros." --Jet-Poop

"Shit man, the world does not need cyber EC. That fucker would never sleep. No one would go unaccessorized by his tyrannous reign."--Izubachi

( *warning* coarse language, nudity, Evil C. )" --Lord Brawl