October 9, 2000
Everything Editor Logs
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Hear o dem bones these Tales From The Crypt.

Into The Crypt are delivered the following nodes and writeups.

They are consigned there by users who repent of their past sins of NFN and other pointless acts against the good of the nodegel. That they might attain node-fu, the users strive to attain perfection through this purification. May thy blessings be upon their brows.

Others are simply twisted and stunted accidently by innocent noders who, realizing that these nodes cannot live, offer them to the godusergroup entities to mercifully return to the gel.

Yet other nodes have been malformed willfully and maliciously. They are tumours in the body of the gel, darkening it with their dangling ganglia of suckage. These the editorusergroup entities fling into The Crypt.

There all are given the chance to lead new and meaningful lives when their freegel is gathered and moulded by other, kinder users.

The Crypt releases:

  • justin.warren, whose homenode is now ready for the next Mr. J. Warren.
  • fucking humungous by Dataknife, by request.
  • e-music by peh, by request.
  • By fricto, by request:

I sense . . . a disturbance . . . in the gel . . .

  • what should i node today? by Schemer: "I have no Idea." You can do better. I notified the user. Stuff like this is killed without warning because we don't want to waste our time dealing with it. Just don't do it. You won't get a chance to negotiate.

  • stuff by justin.warren (fled): "That which is Stuff(tm) is always something, but something is not always Stuff(tm)." Hyuk hyuk hyuk.

  • useless by sonuvbob (long gone): "Something without a use. Like me. Join THE CULT, it's useful." Emphasis mine.

  • flava by cherub (long gone): "Why am I opposed to gun control? Because I like flava. Flava is what makes things interesting." Umm, yeah. I ran this up the flagpole in the chatterbox, and everybody pretty much mooned it.

Nodeshells that Make Darth Vader Cry:

Zombie Noders:

I normally don't post my kills here because, well, generally what I kill doesn't matter. Tonight, however, I went on a bit of a bloody rampage and killed quite a few nodes with "DMan" in the title. I didn't kill all "DMan" nodes, just ones that lack any sort of easily identifiable intellectual content and/or were completely without point now that DMan is no longer with us.

Against my better judgement I decided to make all kills without penalty, so no need to worry.

All complaints will be given serious concideration if you message me in the chatterbox like an adult rather than attempting to gather together a small militia and snuff me.
Hear o dem bones, sensei cheats by posting editor logs before it's that day! But that's okay because we still love him.

Today I killed an Admiral_Vlad writeup in alcoholic which had no links and was off-topic: "For an alcoholic trink with kick, try this : The Half-Brick: 25ml Jack Daniels 25ml Tequila 25ml Blue Curaque 25ml Vodka 10ml Bitter lemon 1/2 can Red Bull dash tobasco ice,olive Sling the booze, red bull and bitter lemon into a mixer, and shake. Pour over the ice and add an olive. Then, drink......carefully"

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