1. Larger breasts are, in fact, less wonderful for breast feeding, since it takes more work for the baby to get at the milk (sucking through the breast mass, I would suppose. Please feel free to correct this, Fem biology majors).
  2. Unless a woman is willing to spend boku bucks on specially designed bras (and even normal bras aren't terrifically cheap), they're unlikely to find good support for their chest. Let alone clothes to contain their endowment.
  3. The extra weight up front is painful, and makes any type of active movement less than thrilling.

Any time somebody brings up the wonders of larger breasts, these factors are what come to my mind immediately. I don't particularly find them more attractive, necessary, wonderful, etc. But of course that's just me, and the opinions I've formed from having many friends who felt burdened, rather than blessed, with their vast tracts of land.

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    "I note the following, based on my knowledge as a lactation consultant:

    Larger breasts can make positioning the baby for breastfeeding more difficult. Often the side hold is useful in occasions such as this. The weight of the breast can also make it difficult for the infant to keep adequate amounts of areolar tissue drawn into their mouths. Mothers can help by holding the weight of the breast with her cupped hand and/or a rolled washcloth under the breast. The infant obtains milk by compressing the areolar tissue using the tongue pressing up in an undulant wave against the hard palate. Massive or very dense tissue can make this move difficult".

Eloquent and yet succinct. I bow to her expertise.

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