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"If there is a creator, the thing I think he would want you to remember first is that every breath is a miracle
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I am not who I once was, and certainly not entirely the person who began the journey that is E2.

I am an Adoptive Parent, a very poor Follower of Christ (poor in terms of quality, not in terms of blessings received out of all balance with existence), a baker, Escalations Management for HP, and I spend far too much time inside the things I write rather than in the real world.

I stand in the footsteps of giants any time that I approach the pages of E2. Much of my life has occured only in the pages of books that I read, or in emails exchanged...though it's been 10 years since I started on E2, and my focus is no longer the same.

A fair number of people on this application would likely be tremendously embarassed to know how much I look up to them. So be it.

Saying much more here seems enormously trite. I'll see you.

You can contact me (should the need arise) at:


Yahoo IM: Phule77