Many companies distribute t-shirts in compressed form, by folding the t-shirt over many times until it takes on the shape of a small wedge or square, removing the air, and shrink-wrapping it. This is a common promotional item. I received one from Microsoft when they were recruiting on campus. I was disappointed to find that it did not explode outward when I unwrapped it, although it was extremely wrinkled. No problem -- just hang it up for a while, and the wrinkles magically disappear.

I simply must acquire a t-shirt compressing machine and compress all of my presently unused clothing. It would make packing a fun activity for the whole family, instead of an annoying chore.

I am surprised that generic-man did not include an obligatory Simpsons reference in this writeup. So, I'll do it.

Maude Flanders was killed by a compressed t-shirt fired from a promotional cannon at close range.

Also, I believe I have seen infomercials for assorted "t-shirt compressing machines" whilst channel surfing late at night. They usually involve some sort of vacuum and a bag with a special gasket and airlock. I imagine they're a good deal if you travel a lot or have limited storage space, but you might as well just try the old-fashioned and far cheaper solution of cramming things in your suitcase and then sitting on it until you can zip it shut.

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