Fix-A-Flat ® is a registered trademark of the Pennzoil-Quaker State Company. Fix-A-Flat is the top selling brand of tire sealants/tire inflators on the US market today.

As the name suggests, this product is made for fixing flat tires on automobiles and bicycles. Simply connect the can to the valve stem on your tire, spray it full of the hardening foam/gel, then drive away. However, the name is slightly misleading. Fix-A-Flat is for emergencies, and should never replace a little elbow grease. In other words pull out that jack and lug wrench and put on the spare tire if it can be accomplished safely - then take the damaged tire to be professionally repaired. If you did use this product, tell the service station before you have them check or repair your tire! Though the mechanic should be using a proper tire cage to protect himself when working, it is known that tire inflation/sealant products can cause dangerous explosions when the seal of the tire is broken (a process that must be accomplished to fix the tire). You should also note that using products like this can void any tire warranties or make the tire irreparable through normal means.


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