Johnny Bennett must escort his newly found Swedish aupair girlfriend through an assortment of highly illogical German Autobahns, unfortunately Johnny has a convertible 1976 Austin Allegro, combined with a terribly large addiction to strong lager, he has little knowledge of the roads and absolutely no protection against the massive black, nuclear Chernobyl generated acid rain storm growing above his head ..

Hints & Tips

Speeding past the doubtful German truck drivers and offroading any Citroen 2cv's will keep Johnny in focus, keep your foot to the floor, beep and abuse all road users, refuel at the sheltered petrol stations and upgrade your car by racing past Johnny's clumsy Russian friends, who try to tempt him into the local bars and Public houses. Dodging the inevitable car crash whilst maneuvering around those Harmful Acidic Rain drops that keep failing on your head is never easy when you're driving with Johnny.

Good luck and don't delay bedroom bliss with the Swedish beauty who could be yours today,

so get your car into gear and enjoy some happy motoring.

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