An anime series about our main character, Nanako, who is the slow witted, big breasted, and kawaii slave girl, who must please her loved one. Nanako is the nurse/maid at a strange hospital, she continually breaks/destroys everything she touches. She is great at destroying a meal.

Her boyfriend/love/scientist guy is training her, so that she will become his next experiment, a new type of cyborg/robot that can fight evil. The series capitalizes on her bouncy breasts, and fan service camera angles.

This show is very cute, and hilarious, but can also be very stupid. The animation is done very well, and all colors are done with computers, so it is very rich. At times the frames are obviously static, and only parts of the frame are animated. In general it is a light hearted comedy worth watching, although maybe not worth spending tons of money on.

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