All these posts, "the geek always gets the girl", "the geek never gets the girl"... No one ever passively gets the girl. Jocks and "Bad-asses" wear their assets on their sleeves, but geeks have skills that wipe the floor with both of the previous specimen. The challenge lies in making these skills appealing to the girl. This article is aimed mainly at the high-school / college crowd, as these tend to harbor more geeks in distress and simple minded girls than the real world.

Technology stresses most "normal" girls out. If a guy makes it apparent that he is in control of the machines that distress her, she will grow to see him in a better light. Girls, in general, like money. True, we can never financially compare to football players with rich dads, but once a girl finds out that you are independently pulling in more than $300 a month, she will be amazed - girls like guys who are self-sufficient.

We are above the football crowd. Girls and women alike enjoy being treated like ladies, not as simple show-off girlfriends. Generally, computer types are a lot more insightful and caring than all-out "manly men", we have the patience and listening skills to feel out their problems. There is a line to be drawn however, between being a caring guy and an all-out "sissy". Girls don't want a girl-friend in you, they want a man that can take a stand as well as listen. Kick some ass once in a while to prove your manlihood, keep using your elite geek skills to improve the quality of her life, and you will both live happily ever after.

The point of this is that some girls, not women, don't quite know what they want. They start dating assholes, then dump them because they're insensitive. Then they date wankers, and dump them because they're sissies. Eventually they will settle on a happy medium, and it's up to you, fellow geek, to be that medium!

Go get 'em, Tiger.

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