One of the most enlightening and happiest moments I've had recently was when someone told me that the day after we ended up in bed together.

I've heard many examples of what a girl finds a turn on or a turn off but this had to be the most hoopy.

I won't (can't) go into the details of how we arrived at this situation but I'm there in the bathroom with her and for some reason I've go onto the subject of Schrodingers Cat and wave functions.

My whole understanding of this subject is pretty limited, so I get reduced down to jumping around the bathroom whilst she sits on the edge of the bath with a glass in her hand and a towel wrapped round her, alternatively opening and closing her eyes. My whole point being that until she observed me she didn't know what position/state in the room I was. I'm about half-way between this and mixing it in with some photon stuff about two observers passing messages about the state of a particle and this being like a Quantum Teleportation when I find myself getting dragged through to the bedroom with a tongue down my throat.

I thought it was the drink, I'm sure it wasn't the image of me jumping round the bathroom like a nutter. Endearing maybe, a turn on surely not.

It wasn't until the next day that she told me that someone explaining things to her that she previously didn't know about was a major turn on. The node title is exactly what she said.

But she also said she doesn't like know-it-alls.

Being a geek who's prone to going off on such technical rants in an effort to explain things, I think I might just have stumbled on the one person who could turn this into a sex life.

I dunno, I'm hesitant to go off onto explaining Raid architectures and why Raid 5 sucks compared to a decent 1+3 but maybe I'd be better sticking to what I don't really know that much about. It's probably more entertaining all round.

Note for all those who might wish to know. I'm now happily married to this lady. Still explaining things to her I have little clue of.

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