an adjective meaning "able to be converted," but most often used as a noun meaning "a car whose top can be removed," including both ragtops and hardtops

Also known in England as a DHC (Drop Head Coupe). Strictly speaking, a convertible has roll-up windows and a padded fabric tops with head liners that hide the frames. The top can be lowered but not removed from the car. This makes a convertible much more weather tight than a roadster (aka OTS), which has a completely removable top.

It's interesting to note that early Jaguars such as the XK-120 were sold in both roadster and convertible configurations.

Con*vert"i*ble (?), a. [L. convertibilis: cf. F. convertible.]


Capable of being converted; susceptible of change; transmutable; transformable.

Minerals are not convertible into another species, though of the same genus. Harvey.


Capable of being exchanged or interchanged; reciprocal; interchangeable.

So long as we are in the regions of nature, miraculous and improbable, miraculous and incredible, may be allowed to remain convertible terms. Trench.


© Webster 1913.

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