Drop-Head Coupe. An English (and car aficionado's) term for a convertible. Not to be confused with an OTS.

Note: if you can't lower the top, you have an FHC.

DHC. Short for Digital Hardcore, a music style spawned from Hardcore Techno in the 90s by the German group Atari Teenage Riot featuring Alec Empire, Hanin Elias, Carl Crack and later Nic Endo. Like Hardcore Techno the styles of music varies, but they got one thing in commonat the time they are the hardest (and in DHC's case the angriest) in the genre.

ATR was an answer to racism in German techno music – and in German society – in the early 90s. ATR mixed punk and techno/electronica, featuring songs like “Hetzjagd Auf Nazis!”, “Start the Riot”, “Delete Yourself” and “Fuck All”. They played a High-speed breakbeat music with dubs of Trash, Hardcore and Death metal riffs played over and over through out the song, over witch the lay screaming vocals about what’s wrong with society (in their eyes).

Other artists: EC80R, Speed Freak, DJ Bleed, Bomb 20, Cobra Killer, DJ 6666 and Shizuo.

Related styles: Gabba, Hardcore Techno, Club/Dance and Industrial Dance

Genre: Electronica.

Philosophy: Punk

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