In 1979, the following things happened...

World events

*The United Nations declared this year, The International Year of the Child
*China establishes their one child policy. Also, the country establishes diplomatic ties with the United States.
*The regime of Pol Pot comes to an end in Cambodia.
*The Emperor of the Central African Republic, Bokassa I is overthrown.
*Joe Clark succeeds long-standing Pierre Trudeau to become Canada's youngest Prime Minister.
*Margaret Thatcher becomes Prime Minster of the United Kingdom.
*Saddam Hussein becomes President of Iraq.
*Brenda Ann Spencer starts shooting at kids at a school near her house because she " Didn't Like Mondays".
*Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini returns to Iran after years in exile, where he seizes power. Following this, the country becomes an Islamic republic and overthrows the Shah. Later protesters raid the US Embassy and take 90 people, including 52 Americans, hostage.
*Egypt and Israel sign a Peace Treaty
*John Paul II become the first Pope to visit a communist country, his homeland of Poland. He also visits the United States.
*Bill Stewart, a reporter for ABC News is killed while covering the violence in Nicaragua.
*Afghanistan is invaded by the Soviet Union
*Mother Teresa wins the Nobel Peace Prize.
*CompuServe introduces the first commercial E-mail.


*Voyager I reaches Jupiter
*Pioneer 11 reaches Saturn.
*Skylab returns to Earth.
*The smallpox virus is declared extinct.
*A nuclear meltdown occurs at the power plant on Three Mile Island.


*Disco Demolition Night, a radio publicity stunt turns into a riot at a baseball game in Chicago.
*In Cincinnati, 11 young fans are killed during a scramble for seats at a concert by The Who.
The Sugarhill Gang release Rapper's Delight.
*Michael Jackson releases his album Off The Wall.
*Nickelodeon goes on the air.
*Films released this year include: Apocalypse Now, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Kramer vs. Kramer, Mad Max, All That Jazz, Quadraphenia, The Warriors, and Meatballs.


*The Susan B. Anthony dollar coin issued.
*McDonald's debuts the Happy Meal
*Reebok debuts their running shoes.
*The Rubik's Cube becomes available.
*Sony creates the Walkman.

These People Were Born...
*Singers, Aaliyah, Lance Bass, Brandy, Pete Doherty, Norah Jones, Pink, Andrew W.K., Ne-Yo
*Actors, Shawn Ashmore, Adam Brody, Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kate Hudson, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Brandon Routh, Mena Suvari, Heath Ledger, Claire Danes
*TV personality and Skateboarder, Bam Margera

These People and Animals Died...

*Bamboo Harvester, horse who played Mr. Ed
*Actors, John Wayne, Mary Pickford, Jack Haley, Vivian Vance, Zeppo Marx,
*Composer, Richard Rodgers
*Hotel mogul, Conrad Hilton
*Punk Rocker, Sid Vicious
*Former US Vice President and New York Governor, Nelson Rockefeller
*Film director, Jean Renoir
*Clown, Emmett Kelly
*Animator, Dave Fleischer,
*Dancer, Sally Rand
*Former First Lady, Maime Eisenhower
*Oscar streaker, Robert Opel


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