Members Gordon Gano on vox and guitar, Brian Ritchie on bass and Victor DeLorenzo on drums, although they have recorded works that include more interesting instrumentation. Their albums include Violent Femmes, Hallowed Ground, Blind Leading the Naked, 3, Why do Birds Sing?, Debacle, New Times, Viva Wisconsin, Rock, Freak Magnet and Add it up.

Their style blends punk, folk and country into dark angst: A song about taking your dad's car so you can lose your virginity, else you "Just might never make it to a man" about a man who throws his own daughter down a well...lots of songs about jerking off, including the classic Blister in the Sun. Despite the incredibly dark, honest nature of Gano's lyrics, the music is upbeat, folky, and somehow always ends up on the stereo at parties I attend. Performed at the Falls Festival.

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