A duophonic analog synthesizer with a 44-note keyboard. Manufactured between 1979 and 1986.

The CS-40M contains 2 VCOs, which are switchable between triangle, sawtooth and square (pulse) waveforms. They offer a 6-octave range, fine tuning, PWM plus their own AR envelope generator. A white noise generator is also included.

As the filter there is the model you find in just about every CS-series synth: a resonant* 12dB/octave** multimode VCF which can be switched between high-, low- and band-pass. Controls for cut-off, resonance and keyboard tracking are available, as well as an individual ADSR envelope.

The VCA features its own ADSR EG, plus a mixer section for VCO1, VCO2 and noise.
The LFO is switchable between sine, ramp up/down, square and sample/hold. It can modulate up to the AF range.

Internal memory is available on the CS-40M, and can hold up to 20 patches. There is also a tape interface for more storage. Wheels for both pitch bend and modulation are included, as well as portamento. The keyboard can be set to unison mode, stacking the two voices together.
Both voices have their own CV/trigger outputs. CV inputs include portamento, sustain, brilliance, volume and filter.

* 6dB/octave in band-pass mode
** not self-oscillating

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