An 8-part multi-timbral digital synthesizer module. Released in 1986.

The TX81Z is a rackmount module with more features and flexibility than its little brother FB-01.
The unit features a 4-operator FM synthesis engine for sound generation. This is two operators less than on the famous DX7, but the TX81Z makes up for it by featuring selectable waveforms instead of only sine waves.
No filters are available, but at least there are built-in "fake" reverb and delay effects created by envelope modulation and re-triggering voices not in use. The 8 timbres can be split, layered and detuned.

128 preset sounds and (only) 32 user-programmable patches are stored in the TX81Z's internal memory, with a tape interface included for extra space. Programming the unit can be done without a computer, but the onboard user interface is said to be quite complex and slow to use.
The MIDI implementation is good for its time, and responds to velocity and aftertouch. Breath controllers are also supported.

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