Audio effect that adds the tight repeats needed to make a recorded sound more like a a real sound. In other words, it makes a vocal track recorded in a studio with almost no echo sound like a vocal track taking place in a real room.

In the pre-digital era, reverb was created using a magnetic pickup on some springs. As the springs vibrated to the sound, reverb was created.

Reverb is also the name of a weekly event at the Caffeinds coffee house in downtown San Diego, CA. Every Wednesday night at 8:30 is open mic night where local poets and musicians are allowed to perform their latest works for free to an incredibly supportive audience.

The coffee house is on Broadway Ave. between 6th St. and 7th St..

An actress friend of mine began inviting me to watch her performances where she reads poetry written from the perspective of various funny characters that she's developing. In addition to her hilarious characters, I've so far seen:

  • Erotic drawings from a local artist
  • An improvised jam session featuring 8 local musicians that was a cross of flamenco and acid jazz (It worked well)
  • Local DJ's spinning homebrewed electronica
  • Endless beat poetry readings
  • Local guitarists playing rock music
  • A cute girl with a great voice singing feminist country music songs that she wrote
  • An overly affectionate couple who take turns daring each other to serenade the other
  • An ungodly amount of smoking
  • My best friend Becky double the high score on the coffee house's Ms. Pac Man machine
  • Hundreds of gorgeous young women flocking to watch all the talent (just in case the talent itself doesn't inspire you to attend...)

Re*verb" (?), v. t.

To echo.




© Webster 1913.

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