A "DJ", or "Disc Jockey", is an individual who, using turntables or specially designed cd players (commonly called "cdj's"), can effectively mix songs together, by matching their speed and timing. They are often found at the heart of techno and hiphop music.

The DJ is the heart of any dance club.

As such it is the DJ's duty to pump the lifeblood (music) through the arteries (speakers) to the ever anticipating organs (clubbers) to best satify the demand.

This is vital as a poor heart will cause the organs to get tired and ultimatelty die (go home) resulting in the entire club's ultimate death (bankruptcy).

Short for dust jacket, the piece of paper that covers and protects a hardcover book. Generally, the dust jacket will have a much greater degree of illustration than the boards. The term dj is used almost exclusively in written descriptions, mostly of used books - it is rarely, if ever, spoken. A common use would be "First edition with dj, dj shows some wear, fading to spine, light chipping at edges."

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