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phycon (fy'con)
n. pl. Phycae
  1. Elusive, theoretical construct of a forming mind.

  2. The Phycon: a notable instance, created as a playground for a dangerous mind.
    • Structure:
      A loosely cobbled together environment sporting pantheons, aircraft hangars, stone circles, orbital stations, green hills, mountain streams, deep woodlands &c.
    • Purpose:
      The Phycon was created as the playground for a potentially catastrophic mind. The many environs comprised in its construction provide suitable housing for that mind's errant thought-forms.
    • Manifestation:
      The Phycon is most often manifest at times of deep thought, while the mind is combing the internet or entrenched in a book.
    Note scrawled hurriedly in the margin:

      It is with resignation that I have had to revise this definition with a heavy backspace key, as the old: "particular instance created as the alternate persona of a UCT Student" observed "spending much time ferreting around for information; esp. on sciences ancient and modern ... in the Labs (Comp Sci or Elec Eng),haunting bookstore coffee shops, Bouncing around club unity (11pm Sat-8am Sun)" was quite out-of-date.

      In a melancholy moment the memory of the Phycon-that-was clatters hollowly in the vast expanse of the new; so small in comparison with the mindscape we observe today -- so small, so limited and so safe.
      And now we merrily soldier on. Broader horisons, innocence lost.


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