The pronounciation I prefer is:

"vrp a vrp a vrrrrp," as pioneered by JerkCity.

Variants of this, such as "wikka" and "jikkie jikkie jikkie" also make for a good effect. But there just ain't nothin' like a good old vrp.

I've done this a fair bit since I bought Rahzel's album MTM 2000 or Make The Music 2000. Rahzel is the biggest human beat box around these days. I know of an old school human beat box called Darren Robinson but I haven't heard his shit, so I don't know if he used to scratch vocally.

It's really not that strange of a habit as far as I know, considering a few recent top 100 examples:

  • Slim Shady's vocal turntable - "Hi my name is tKEtKE Slim Shady"; and
  • Afroman's Because I Got High - "buk bukka buka BUKAW!" (slightly amusing how the last one sounds like a chicken)

    Some things I always find it easy to scratch are anything starting with 'R' (probably because I learnt from going "Rah-re-Rah-ra-re-re-Rahzel") and my rap name Chur-Ch-Chur-ch-chka-chka-Churd-Tzu.

    Last time I was jamming and DJ Freezone wouldn't let me use his turntables so I used the mic instead. Everyone thought it was kind of cool, but the ones who appreciated it most were stoned.

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