All Trunks Busy. A single tone interrupted at a 120 ipm (impulses per minute)
rate that indicates all lines or trunks in a group are busy - also known as a "fast busy."
Stands for Active Time Battle system, used in the Final Fantasy series.
Combat is partially turn-based, with one exception:
Each character has a Battle Meter, which fills up as time passes. When the bar is completely filled, the character can then perform actions (attacks, magic, etc.) Character attributes affect how quickly the Battle Meter fills.
Despite what some might think, ATB isn't a group. ATB is André Tanneberger. For those of you that don't get why he calls himself ATB, lets try a little demonstration. André Tanneberger.

His latest CD called Two Worlds is a lot more vocal then his other works, and is more mellow then Moving Melodies. ATB does a lot of remixes, this was pretty much the beginning of his career until he did 9 PM (Till I Come). The official website for ATB is located at

Of course wearing a ATB t-shirt in Alberta just gets me alot of confused looks as many people equate ATB = Alberta Treasury Branch. Techno culture hasn't permeated Alberta just yet :)

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