Alice Deejay is not just one deejay but rather a group of DJ friends and dancers. The leading lady and most visible member of Alice Deejay is called Judy. Most probably because Judy is her name. The Alice bit they pulled from Alice in Wonderland, though I don't think Judy Deejay is as appealing a name as Alice Deejay.

Their debut CD is called Who Needs Guitars Anyway? and Judy describes their sound as "dance-trance pop". The whole album is suppose to celebrate the universal aspects of life, love and desire. Their first single was "Better Off Alone" is about uncovering the positive energy found within oneself and one's surroundings, questioning the need to have someone to be with.

Other songs include:

  • "Back In My Life"
  • "Celebrate Our Love"
  • "The Lonely One"
  • "Will I Ever"
  • "Waiting For Your Love"

    The album's final cut "Alice Deejay" has Judy proclaiming "I close my eyes. I am music. I am rhythm. I'm a DJ. We're Alice Deejay."

  • Alice Deejay Biography

    The leading lady and current face of Alice Deejay, Judy, lives and breathes the scene that transformed her life from an early age. From her first experiences at the legendary Roxy in Amsterdam to the clubs that Judy enjoys around the world with Alice Deejay, the scene has had explosive effects on her music and her life - she lives to party and the party lives for her.

    Alice Deejay - Mila, Yu-Tin/Angel with Judy at the helm, have proved that their sound is a new breed of pop music, a sound that encompasses the uplifting vibes of the club atmosphere, yet provides a catchy hook that everyone can get into. Judy believes that through music she can let go of everything and, in turn, she wants whoever listens to Alice Deejay to do the same. She has absorbed the fairy-tale energy she felt when she first met the rest of the Alice Deejay girls on the dancefloor at one of her favourite regular parties in Europe and has never looked back.

    The word has spread across Europe that Alice Deejay is at the forefront of a new-wave on the scene, the breed of vocalist that loves club culture as much as it loves her. You are as likely to find Judy on the dancefloor as you are to find her on stage…

    Back In My Life is the perfect example of the glowing sounds that have developed from the elite group of Dutch underground producers who have all willingly joined the ever expanding Alice Deejay collective. It has deeper cuts from DJ Jam X & De Leon and The Thrillseekers which will find their way onto the floors of clubs like Gatecrasher, whilst Pronti & Kalmani let loose a rolling cut which has all the qualities of a massive European club anthem.

    taken from an unofficial Alice Deejay web-site
    Alice Deejay Discography

    Will I Ever single (2000)
    1. Will I Ever -Radio Mix
    2. Will I Ever -Xtended
    3. Will I Ever -Dutch force remix
    4. Will I Ever -E-Craig remix
    5. Pronti & Kalmani remix
    Who Needs Guitars Anyway? LP (2000)
    1. Back In My Life
    2. Better Off Alone
    3. Celebrate Our Love
    4. The Lonely One
    5. Who Needs Guitars Anyway?
    6. Will I Ever
    7. Elements of Life
    8. Fairytales
    9. Waiting For Your Love
    10. No More Lies
    11. I Can See (See It In Your Eyes)
    12. Everything Begins With An E
    13. Got To Get Away
    14. Alice Deejay
    Back In My Life single (1999)
    1. Back In My Life -Radio Edit
    2. Back In My Life -Instrumental
    3. Back In My Life -Pronti & Kalmani Club Dub
    4. Back In My Life -Club Vocal
    5. Back In My Life -Club Instrumental
    6. Better Off Alone -DJ Jam X & DuMonde RMX
    7. Better Off Alone -Signum RMX
    Better Off Alone single (1999)
    (released under the name DJ Jurgen in several countries)
    1. Better Off Alone -Radio Edit
    2. Better Off Alone -Vocal Clubmix
    3. Better Off Alone -Signum Remix
    4. Better Off Alone -Instrumental Mix
    5. Better Off Alone -Pronti & Kalmani Remix
    6. Better Off Alone -Club Dub

    I've noticed that in the song 'Alice Deejay', most people seem to hear "L-S-D-J" until they realize that the artist's name is Alice Deejay, and/or that the vocalist is from the Netherlands...But I got to thinking, and I'm pretty sure that the name is a double entendre kinda thing, which would go well with the trippy Alice In Wonderland references which can be found throughout the Who Needs Guitars Anyway? liner notes.
    The difference in 'marketing strategies' for Alice Deejay in the USA and for the rest of the world is quite amazing.

    The Dutch (or at least European) site at is nice and simple, with some cool screensavers and wallpapers which have a glamorous-DIY feel. It allows for direct contact with Alice Deejay, their web-team, etc. And as I mentioned in the Who Needs Guitars Anyway? node, the Canadian/Euro/Aussie album cover shows Judy riding on a turntable, with a cool looking font. It has that same aloof, DIY, euro-feel.

    The USAmerican site uses Flash, is glossy, trendy and basically reeks of big stinky capitalist pigs. It's sections include "Spread The Word", "Get On The List", and "Request Alice Deejay". As soon as you log in, a voting dialogue pops up asking you how you heard about the website. The overly-processed covers feature the Onyx-BT (Nirvana) font, and don't look half as light-hearted as the other covers.


    I wish bigwigs didn't feel the need to 'fix' images that aren't broken...

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