Alice Deejay is not just one deejay but rather a group of DJ friends and dancers. The leading lady and most visible member of Alice Deejay is called Judy. Most probably because Judy is her name. The Alice bit they pulled from Alice in Wonderland, though I don't think Judy Deejay is as appealing a name as Alice Deejay.

Their debut CD is called Who Needs Guitars Anyway? and Judy describes their sound as "dance-trance pop". The whole album is suppose to celebrate the universal aspects of life, love and desire. Their first single was "Better Off Alone" is about uncovering the positive energy found within oneself and one's surroundings, questioning the need to have someone to be with.

Other songs include:

  • "Back In My Life"
  • "Celebrate Our Love"
  • "The Lonely One"
  • "Will I Ever"
  • "Waiting For Your Love"

    The album's final cut "Alice Deejay" has Judy proclaiming "I close my eyes. I am music. I am rhythm. I'm a DJ. We're Alice Deejay."