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Tomorrow's just an excuse away

My only current project is:

  • Slowly working on completing my Evangelion Music nodes. They will be done eventually.

My random Neon Genesis Evangelion quotes:

"If it's true that it has become popular in many countries, then it means that the whole world feels the same disease of the soul. This isn't something we should be happy about." - Yoshiyuki Sadamoto on Eva's International Appeal - Animerica Vol.6 No.8

"Evangelion is my life and I have put everything I know into this work. This is my entire life. My life itself." - Hideaki Anno -translation from 11/96 Newtype in Protoculture Addicts #43

"Evangelion is like a puzzle, you know. Any person can see it and give his/her own answer. In other words, we're offering viewers to think by themselves, so that each person can imagine his/her own world. We will never offer the answers, even in the theatrical version. As for many Evangelion viewers, they may expect us to provide the 'all-about Eva' manuals, but there is no such thing. Don't expect to get answers by someone. Don't expect to be catered to all the time. We all have to find our own answers." - Anno Hideaki -PA #43, translated by Miyako Graham from 11/96 Newtype

And finally my favourite, because it sums up for me the entirety of what Eva is; a man's attempt to try and explain his life.

Anno said the following at an anime Expo in California in response to questions about why he did the final two episode the way he did. People had been complaining about them.

His reply via his translator was that he did not think there was anything wrong with the last two episodes at all and that if we didn't like the ending of Eva, that was our problem.

Immediately after this (and I think it is an absolute classic) he picked up the microphone and said, in English, "Too Bad"

I node what I know. It should be obvious what I know from my homenode or just by glancing at my node list. I enjoy writing about what I know. It may be obscure, it may go unnoticed by the vast majority of the people here, but I am an Otaku, and the words of appreciation I get from other Otaku here makes it all worth it.