A 1985 12" by Full Force, having won a record deal with CBS on the strength of their production work with artistes such as the "latin hip-hop" group Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam. "Alice" came in three flavors: the actual song "Alice, I Want You Just for Me", plus the "Bang! Zoom!" remix and "Ecrof's Special Mix".

The "Bang! Zoom!" may have included Ralph Kramden samples from The Honeymooners at one time, but I'm not sure they would have been allowed to stay in the pressings.

It was a funky shuffle groove, with the MVP being a cheesy, sour, off-key horn-hit sample, a dissonant chord blowing a nice breath of fresh air compared to the in vogue (and overused) "orchestra hit" samples of the day.

Alice is a chatbot that won the 2001 leobner prize. Alice is loosely based on the old Eliza programs. Developed by Richard Wallace, you can read more about alice at www.alicebot.org

Alice of "Alice in Wonderland," was based on a real girl called Alice Liddell, to whom Charles Dodgson (Lewis Carroll) once proposed. Alice Liddell was twenty years his younger, and refused.

Alice is also the short name for Alice Springs, a town in central Australia.
A movie by Czech animator, Jan Svankmajer, which is based on the popular children's book by Lewis Carroll.

In this extremely surrealistic adaptation of everyone's favorite drug induced children's tale Jan Svankmajer creates a world of make-believe that could terrify children and most adults into madness. Using a mixture of live action and stop-motion animation he flings Alice into a dingy place full of taxidermied creatures, shattered pottery, rusty drafting tools, and lots of sawdust.

Most of the characters from the book are present but in very unexpected forms. The white rabbit takes the form of a real taxidermied rabbit, the Mad Hatter is a decaying marionette, and the caterpillar is a sock with dentures and giant glass eyes which it sews shut when it sleeps.

Adding to the nightmarish atmosphere of the film, the soundtrack consists of long silences broken up by the louder than life sounds of ratchets, grating metal, and splintering wood. These sounds are intensified by the lack of any kind of musical score.

This is truly one of the best versions of this story that I've ever witnessed.

Alice was a major part in the St. Patrick's Day celebration of the University of Missouri-Rolla (UMR). Specifically Alice was used during the knighting ceremony of the Student Knights. During the ceremony the Student Knights are dunked (maybe thrown is a better word) into a large vat of mysterious gunk. This vat and the gunk it contained was nicknamed Alice.

There are various rumors surrounding Alice. It is rumored that it was nicknamed after a girl named Alice who was the ex-girlfriend of a student who was portraying St. Pat during the various ceremonies one year. For you see it is also rumored that Alice for many years was made of some of the most vile things you could think of, garbage, puke, rancid food, roadkill, etc. Basically the most disgusting things the St. Patrick's Board could find and get away with using. In the last few years of its existence Alice was made by a faculty member who was a chemical engineer and while it still looked disgusting was said to be harmless.

Why is Alice no more? Well you can imagine with the crap that was in this tank not many student knights wanted to be submerged in it. It was the duty of the St. Patrick's Board to grab them and toss them in. This occasionally broke out into fights, but this was tolerated because of the long tradition of the ceremony. A few years ago a student knight broke a leg and some other people got beat pretty good. So the University finally decided to put an end to it.

Just one of the many crazy wacky events that surround the celebration of St. Patrick's Day in Rolla, Missouri.

The ALICE (All-Purpose LIghtweight Carrying Equipment) pack is a military backpack used for transporting supplies.

ALICE packs have many compartments for storing a variety of supplies, such as maps, a sleeping bag, clothes, a tent, a small shovel, Medical Supplies, Food, Extra food, a canteen, and a weapons cleaning kit.

The ALICE pack is, despite its name, notoriously heavy.

on December 19, 1992 at the Thalia Theatre in Hamburg, the play Alice premiered. All songs were written by Tom Waits. Now 10 years later he has recorded them and released them on the Anti- record label.

1 Alice
2 Everything You Can Think
3 Flowers Grave
4 No One Knows I'm Gone
5 Kommienezuspadt
6 Poor Edward
7 Table Top Joe
8 Lost In The Harbour
9 We're All Mad Here
10 Watch Her Disappear
11 Reeperbahn
12 I'm Still Here
13 Fish & Bird
14 Barcarolle
15 Fawn

"No one puts flowers on a flower's grave."

"Adult songs for children, or children's songs for adults," is how Tom Waits describes Alice. "A maelstrom or fever-dream; a tone poem with torch songs and waltzes... an odyssey in dream logic and nonsense."

"But I must be insane
To go skating on your name
And by tracing it twice
I fell through the ice
Of Alice
There's only Alice"

(from Alice)

Alice is one of the most wonderful of all Waits' creations. While it sounds similar in tone and content to the Black Rider or even Rain Dogs with its familiar ragged voice, ballads and strange and exotic musings, the disk is a new creation - striped down and bare naked.

Alice, was originally done as an avant-garde opera directed by Robert Wilson for Hamburg's Thalia Theater in the winter of 1992. Based loosely on Lewis Carroll's obsession with young Alice Liddell, the girl who inspired his Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass.

Working with his wife and songwriting partner Kathleen Brennan, Waits wrote fifteen songs in the summer of 1992. The Thalia performed "Alice" for eighteen months, with an eclectic orchestra of Waits' design, but Waits didnĀ“t record the music himself for nearly another decade.
"Songs are joining the dream of the listener, and completing a circuit that is really entirely your own," said Waits.
The musicians include:

Dawn Harms, playing the Stroh, a violin affixed with a brass horn.
Matt Brubeck on cello;
Larry Taylor on upright bass;
Bebe Risenfors also on Stroh violin, plus viola, bass clarinet, marimba and clarinet;
Carla Kihlstedt on violin,
Colin Stetson on alto, tenor and baritone saxophone and clarinet;
Ara Anderson on trumpet and baritone horn;
Nic Phelps on French horn and trumpet;
Tom Waits on piano, pump organ, Mellotron and Chamberlain vibes.

"Table Top Joe" features a guest appearance by Stewart Copeland on drums with a piano solo by Bent Clausen.
one other note: this album was recorded back to back and released at the same time as Blood Money

Alice is a character in Scott Adams' comic strip Dilbert. She is one of the trio of main characters, along with Wally and Dilbert. Alice has a personality that naturally compliments Dilbert and Wally. Whenever the Pointy Haired Boss proposes something evil, the characters react in a predictable manner: Dilbert usually earnestly plays along as well as he can, Wally weasels out of the work as cynically and lazily as possible, and Alice either does the work that is expected of her, or reacts with pure fury to the laziness or incompetence of her colleagues, or to anyone else who gets in her way.

Other than her general competence and work ethic, not much is ever discussed about Alice. Like most of the characters in Dilbert, she doesn't have much continuity, and her life outside of work is not really mentioned. She is portrayed as being more socially aware than the male engineers, but as still being something of a geek. However, her character is drawn well enough (so to speak) for the gag oriented nature of the strip.

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